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Nagoya's unscrupulous cosmetic surgeon who was arrested and went bankrupt

Graduated from the former Imperial University School of Medicine. Became a cosmetic surgeon with no experience. Arrested for violating the Medical Practitioners Act, suspended from practicing medicine, filed for bankruptcy. In XNUMX, an unscrupulous cosmetic surgeon was arrested in Nagoya for violating the Medical Practitioners Act, went bankrupt, and disappeared. did.Dr. S, XNUMX years old at the time, graduated from the former Imperial University School of Medicine and was a lecturer in thoracic surgery at a private medical school in Aichi Prefecture.He started a cosmetic surgery clinic without any training or experience because cosmetic surgery is lucrative.As a thoracic surgeon, I became a cosmetic surgeon, so I can perform any surgery easily and successfully!This PR was his selling point.In the waiting room, his medical doctorate certificate and former Imperial University diploma were proudly displayed.At university, I left clinical work and was solely responsible for animal experiments, so I almost never did any clinical work until right before I opened my practice.My pride was extremely high, and since I was a graduate of the former Imperial University and was in charge of cosmetic surgery, he believed that any surgery would be easy for him, so I performed breast augmentation surgery for the first time in my life while referring to a book. .However, the patient started with local anesthesia, but as the patient complained of pain, the amount increased rapidly, and the patient went into shock due to local anesthesia poisoning.He did not recover and was transferred by ambulance to the Japan Red Cross Hospital.He remained unconscious for several days.He barely survived, but the damage to his brain left him with amnesia.Later on, I was able to hear about the terrifying incident in detail from the staff who worked under Dr. S.A doctor with common sense would have gotten discouraged at this point and performed the surgery carefully, but Dr. S, who always begins the surgery under the influence of alcohol, convinces those around him that the reason there was no fatal accident was because of my good skills. His haphazard surgery accelerated even more.All failures and troubles are the patient's fault.Your skin rotted because you moved, and it happened because you weren't resting.It seems that I was a veteran thoracic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon, so it was impossible for me to make a mistake, so I yelled at the patient in a way that made them fearful, and dismissed the medical mistake.In addition, Dr. S had a friend of his who worked at the real estate company he employed as an office manager act as a fake doctor to perform medical treatment.When he went to Hawaii for fun, he was arrested for causing trouble by causing the office manager to perform a medical procedure, which was widely reported as a front page article in the local newspaper.Surprisingly, even after this, he continued to perform medical procedures and cause more victims.A large number of patients who had been harmed visited my clinic after Dr. S went bankrupt and went missing.A female patient had a mole on her nose gouged out with a scalpel, leaving it in a pitiful, depressed state, and a female patient suffering from condylomata, a sexually transmitted disease, whose genitals were brutally chopped up with an electric scalpel. A young female patient was suffering from armpit surgery, where the skin was scraped too much, resulting in necrosis and keloid-like scars, making it difficult to lift her upper arm.Many young female patients were victims of Dr. S. Dr. S's evil deeds were well known in Nagoya.He had a strong sense of elitism as a doctor of medicine, a graduate of the former Imperial University, a thoracic surgeon, and a university lecturer, and did not seem to want to listen to the opinions of others.It was later revealed that he had resigned from the university due to problems related to his relationship with women and surgery. Needless to say, the incident caused by Dr. S caused great harm to not only the patients but also university officials and doctors working part-time at this clinic.An incident very similar to that of Dr. S, who was arrested in Yokohama last year, had already occurred in Nagoya more than XNUMX years ago.This incident served as a lesson that just because he graduated from a famous university, because he is a doctor of medicine, because he is a confident doctor, he does not necessarily have the qualifications to be a cosmetic surgeon.Now that his suspension from practicing medicine has been lifted, Dr. S may be using his scalpel as a cosmetic surgeon somewhere.