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Violation of esthetic doctor law

Lately, I've been seeing reports of managers and staff being arrested for violating the Medical Practitioners Act at beauty salons.In beauty salons, medical-like practices may be carried out openly in a so-called black box.In other words, the closer the practice is to medical-like activities, the higher the profits will be.Since it is not possible to expect a large profit from the original skin care and healing treatments, it is expected that they will violate the Medical Practitioners Act and engage in illegal activities such as photo hair removal, mole removal, and stain removal.People without expertise or qualifications do not understand the risks.They also tend to over-advertise and perform treatments because they have nothing to lose.Unfortunately, there is no national qualification for estheticians, so from today onwards I can start working as an esthetician right away.In the past, hair removal required advanced knowledge and skills, but now, with the advent of optical hair removal equipment, anyone can easily perform the procedure.However, the risk of burns increases, and incorrect settings can cause problems such as burns and pigmentation.There are also patients who come to my clinic for treatment after suffering from severe burns caused by hair removal at beauty salons.I'm not denying esthetic treatments, but society cannot exist without obeying the law.The reality of major beauty salon chains that pursue only profit is also horrifying.Estheticians compete against customers' sales based on bar graphs to raise prices, and forceful solicitations are made through talk that could almost be interpreted as intimidation.Use campaigns and trials to lure customers into signing contracts for expensive courses.This is a special type of business negotiation and technique.The other day, listed beauty salon company La Parle was suspended from business.It appears that this beauty salon was also using highly forceful and fraudulent methods to increase sales.It was an incident and report that further tarnished the image of the industry.What I cannot forgive is an esthetician who takes advantage of the psychology of women who want to improve themselves and uses esthetics as a tool to make money, or who recommends esthetics by lying that there are risks in cosmetic surgery or cosmetic dermatology treatments. There are many.We have also confirmed the existence of manuals that falsely explain to customers that hair removal in cosmetic surgery is painful, cause many troubles, and carry great risks, and try to convince customers to sign a contract by emphasizing the safety and convenience of beauty treatments.This manual contained content that could be considered defamatory of cosmetic surgeons.If cosmetic surgeons across the country saw this manual, I think they would be very angry about aesthetics.There is no pride or elegance as an esthetician, and the reality is that they are using esthetics as a cover to make money.I hope that the authorities will strictly crack down on this and the industry will return to normal.The Medical Practitioners Act prohibits anyone other than a doctor from removing hair by applying powerful light or lasers to the hair roots.