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Cosmetic surgery treatment by a fake doctor

I recently saw a newspaper article about a Korean woman being arrested for injecting anti-wrinkle medicine without a license, in violation of the Medical Practitioners Act.How did this fake doctor get you cosmetic surgery?There was a patient of mine who had a very difficult time.An acquaintance told me that a famous cosmetic surgeon from South Korea would come to Japan and perform a special nose surgery, so I underwent the rhinoplasty at home without hearing any specific explanations or surgical procedures.Immediately after that, a foreign object was inserted into her nose, which turned red and swollen, leaving her in a miserable condition.Since I was having a medical appointment in Akasaka, I asked a friend of mine, a cosmetic surgeon, to perform the corrective surgery right away.A strange object had been inserted into his nose.A large, off-the-shelf prosthesis had been inserted haphazardly and had become inflamed and infected.Fortunately, we were able to deal with the problem early, and the incident did not go away, but it appears that this was the procedure performed on the arrested Korean woman.It seems that she thought it was dangerous because she was flooded with complaints about cosmetic surgery, so she changed to injections such as Botox and made a lot of money.Below is the article about the arrest. <Article> The Metropolitan Police Department arrested Korean esthetician Choi Bok-rye (XNUMX) on suspicion of violating the Medical Practitioners Act (practicing medicine without a license) for injecting a woman with a drug to remove facial wrinkles without a medical license. I found out that I was doing it.The anti-wrinkle drug used Clostridium botulinum toxin, which has caused deaths due to side effects overseas.Because it has not been approved for cosmetic surgery in Japan, it is difficult for anyone other than a doctor to obtain it, and the Organized Crime Control Division XNUMX is investigating ways to obtain the drug.According to the investigation, from March to October last year, Choi temporarily paralyzed the nerves and relaxed the muscles of five customers, including a Korean woman, at his home in Chiba's Chuo Ward to remove wrinkles from their faces. He is suspected of engaging in medical practice without a license, including injecting drugs containing Clostridium botulinum toxin, which has the effect of causing death.Suspect Choi came to Japan in XNUMX, and from around XNUMX, she had been performing cosmetic surgery on Koreans at her home. "I was taught this," she said in a statement.Last November, she opened a beauty salon in the same city, but it closed after about a month due to lack of customers.Choi was arrested on the XNUMXth of last month on suspicion of violating the Waste Disposal Act for disposing of empty injection drug bottles and other items at a garbage dump, but around XNUMX used hypodermic needles were discovered in the garbage. The department believes there are hundreds of women who practiced medicine without qualifications and are investigating.