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Profitable treatment is done more and more

Recently, many treatment systems, treatment methods, and injection materials have appeared, including laser treatment equipment, and we have entered an era of mixed beauty treatment.When I started working as a cosmetic surgeon, carbon dioxide laser was the only treatment laser irradiation system available. When I first saw a carbon dioxide laser irradiator 18 years ago, I was thrilled.Cuts meat instantly and easily punches holes in business cards.This is amazing.It looked like a laser gun, a cutting-edge weapon from space warfare.It was a thrill to pick up a laser gun, something I had longed for as a child.However, I soon realized that the treatment range was narrow and it was difficult to use.The first carbon dioxide lasers were larger than necessary and required large tanks to be filled with carbon dioxide.The purpose of treatment is only incision and removal of the mole.Even though I was one of the first to install it with high expectations, I was under the impression that it was not usable considering its high price.In fact, I rarely used it for treatment.Around this time, there was a boom in phimosis surgery, and clinics specializing in men were opening one after another.We have increased the number of patients by selling laser surgery.However, in reality, it was a poor idea.Scars are ugly and heal poorly, like burns.This was in contrast to the scalpel incision, which healed with a much cleaner scar.It seems that the name "laser" has given the image of magic to patients.Nowadays, there are very few clinics that use the nonsense method of performing phimosis surgery using a laser.Photo RF, Polaris, Thermage, Fraxel, Smart Lipo, Threadlift... new systems and new treatments are coming out one after another.Doctors who enter private practice immediately after graduating from medical school immediately introduce these systems and treatment methods and begin treatment.Just like a charismatic doctor with the latest equipment.The results are obvious.Long-term prognosis is important for any treatment.Even if the situation is good, the treatment should not cause problems in the future.Acquiring new treatment techniques requires time, knowledge, and experience.From the patient to the doctor, why is ○○ treatment not performed?I am often asked this. Can't you do ○○ too?You may also be asked.Of course, I cannot do it if I have no experience, or if my skills and knowledge are insufficient.Until the treatment is recognized to some extent in Japan and the side effects and prognosis are clear, people will not jump on it right away.If the idea is to prioritize profit in medical care, first come, first served.Are medical institutions and cosmetic surgeons who provide all kinds of treatments superior?Medical services are not discount stores or department stores.Treatment and subsequent care must be tailored to the individual patient.Is there really a doctor who can perform any surgery perfectly?It is questionable how many cosmetic surgeons there are who have the ability to deal with any kind of problem.I hope that there are no doctors who provide medical care to patients with half-baked knowledge and skills.