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An inexperienced doctor suddenly became a cosmetic surgeon.

Generally, a minimum of 10 years of clinical experience is required before starting a medical or surgical practice.This is the minimum period necessary to learn case experience and basic techniques as a specialist.However, in the field of cosmetic surgery, there are many cases in which patients suddenly open their practice after only 1-2 years of clinical experience.Many doctors who enter private practice after a short period of clinical experience are those who worked at major cosmetic surgery clinics.Why?This is because most of the major cosmetic surgery clinics do not have a solid training system in place, making it impossible for them to learn surgical techniques, conduct academic research, and gain solid clinical experience.Something like this?It's an easy surgery.Adaptation is fine.Unless the patient makes a complaint, the surgery is considered a success.For now, I'll just have to put him under anesthesia and insert a scalpel.I started cosmetic surgery with an extremely easy-going feeling.Only businesses that prioritize profit rather than medical service to patients stand out.When you can get a surgical fee of 100 million yen for just a few minutes of surgery, your financial sense becomes paralyzed.Once you have acquired the know-how in advertising and counseling, academic considerations, surgical techniques, and troubleshooting become secondary. Within 1-2 years, I was born as a self-proclaimed charismatic cosmetic surgeon.He even appears in the media calling himself a genius cosmetic surgeon.Surprisingly, there are some doctors who proudly post their career history on their homepage with 1-2 years of clinical experience.Cosmetic surgery is not such a low-level academic or medical field that even a genius or skillful doctor can open a cosmetic surgery clinic by himself within 1-2 years of clinical experience.This is a very unfortunate story.In addition, a doctor with only clinical experience in internal medicine incorporates cosmetic surgery when he opens his practice, and performs Botox injections, collagen injections, petit plastic surgery, thread lifts, photo RF, etc. like an experienced doctor, which he has never performed before. There are actually quite a few cases.Treatments and surgeries that may seem simple may have deeper meaning and must be performed carefully.It is absolutely necessary to be able to adapt the treatment and take appropriate measures in the unlikely event that a problem occurs.Of course, this is impossible for a doctor who suddenly became a cosmetic surgeon.Being a prosperous cosmetic surgeon and being an excellent cosmetic surgeon are two completely different things.It is important for cosmetic surgeons to constantly study, strive to improve their skills, and carefully provide medical services to patients to the best of their ability.Please be careful of self-proclaimed cosmetic surgeons.