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Trouble with surgery for hypertension

The current situation is that surgery for armpit bloating and hyperhidrosis is performed on the premise that even if it is not effective or causes trouble, unlike facial surgery, it will just be a tear-jerker.Underarm bloat/hyperhidrosis surgery is covered by insurance, but generally you will be hospitalized after the surgery and receive post-operative care.Why is it necessary to be hospitalized?Underarm surgery itself is simple for specialists.However, post-operative rest and care are more important than any other cosmetic surgery.Once the skin is peeled off, the apocrine glands, which are smell glands, the eccrine glands, which are sweat glands, and the sebaceous glands, which are the cause of yellowing, are removed from the back side, which causes great damage to the skin.Without this care, the surgery cannot be considered a success.In other words, it is necessary to re-attach the removed skin in the same condition as the skin graft.If the patient is not able to rest even a little, the skin will float up, causing internal bleeding, and the overlying skin will become necrotic.If possible, you will need to rest for one week after surgery for armpit bloating and hyperhidrosis.If you move even the slightest bit and cause internal bleeding, it will be serious.Among all cosmetic surgical procedures, it is the one with the highest risk of necrosis.Patients who have developed necrosis will have an ugly scar in the affected area.I have treated many female patients who suffer from these scars.If the patient had known about the scars from underarm/hyperhidrosis surgery, I think he would never have had the surgery.It is medically impossible to perform this high-risk surgery for armpit bloating and hyperhidrosis on a day-trip basis without going to the hospital.There is absolutely no effective armpit surgery that is simple, complete, and allows you to resume your daily life immediately.No matter how skilled a specialist is at performing surgery, it is difficult to eliminate 1% odor.It is our duty to thoroughly explain these risks to patients before surgery.Unfortunately, many cosmetic surgeons only emphasize the benefits of surgery and do not fully explain the risks.With the suction method, you can hardly expect satisfactory results.It is also difficult to reliably treat with ultrasound.Cosmetic surgeons perform ineffective armpit surgery that only causes damage to the patient's body, and demand high surgical fees.I am surprised that there are cosmetic surgeons who take advantage of patients' weaknesses and forcefully recommend surgeries, such as the fact that it is difficult to complain because the area is invisible, or it is difficult to complain because the surgery itself is detailed.Cosmetic surgeons have a duty to ensure not only the results but also the management of scars.There is no effective armpit/hyperhidrosis surgery that leaves no scars.