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Example of unscrupulous cosmetic surgeon Case 3

Fatal accident.medical error.Plastic surgery failed.Medical accidents caused by cosmetic surgeons are often covered by the media.Unlike insurance treatment, cosmetic surgery treatment involves the patient's subjectivity, and there are actually fewer obvious medical accidents such as plastic surgery failures.However, fatal accidents are different.Some cosmetic surgery clinics actively hire doctors with little or no experience in surgery or cosmetic surgery.Generally, preference should be given to doctors with extensive clinical experience.In fact, a certain cosmetic surgery clinic was a clinic that attracted patients by selling low prices and performed surgeries on an assembly line basis.It was decided that it would be detrimental to profits for an experienced specialist to take the time to provide counseling to each patient and perform the cosmetic surgery in a thorough manner, so the surgery was performed in a sloppy manner, using almost inexperienced techniques, as if it were assembly line work. This is our policy.Physicians with a wealth of clinical experience naturally have doubts about this kind of treatment, but doctors with little clinical experience tend to take this kind of treatment for granted.In other words, the sloppy surgeries that are performed on assembly lines are considered to be true cosmetic surgeries and are performed easily.This clinic attracts customers and performs surgeries at surprisingly low prices, such as double eyelid surgery at 2 yen and breast augmentation at 22 yen.As a specialist, I doubt that double eyelid surgery is incredibly expensive compared to the average market price.Considering counseling, preparation, surgery, after-sales follow-up, and guarantees for patients undergoing surgery, the cost is below the cost.You cannot receive real medical care.I also have doubts about the catchphrase of this clinic, which says it's a major clinic, so you can feel safe, and it offers the highest level of safety and security.I have performed many redo surgeries for patients who underwent surgery at this cosmetic surgery clinic.The inadequacy of the surgical technique is clear from the patient's post-operative condition.In fact, this cosmetic surgery clinic had a fatal accident in the past that received extensive media coverage.I had a working doctor who had just graduated from medical school perform surgery on my armpit.The doctor, who had little surgical training or basic medical knowledge, appears to have injected the patient with a lethal dose of anesthetic.The patient died from anesthetic poisoning after the injection.The patient was unhappy because the doctor did not know how to respond in an emergency.It is said that local anesthetic shock may occur in 10 in 1 people.Appropriate treatment may save lives.In this clinic's case, the problem was not the patient's constitution but the doctor's ability.A doctor with no experience in assembly line work will not be able to deal with these types of problems.The doctors at this cosmetic surgery clinic rarely attend or give presentations at cosmetic surgery conferences.Will new surgical techniques and considerations from academic exchange interfere with our assembly-line operations?Naturally, this cosmetic surgery clinic does not have a single specialist certified by an academic society.I am surprised that despite the fatal accident, this cosmetic surgery clinic continues to grow thanks to its low surgical costs.I've been a cosmetic surgeon for 18 years now, and while I'm advocating caution when performing cosmetic surgery, a certain cosmetic surgeon who just graduated from university medical school performs major surgeries on patients, telling them they're easy.We believe that these doctors should be excluded in order to protect the rights of patients and to gain social recognition as a cosmetic surgeon.