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Example of unscrupulous cosmetic surgeon Case 2

``Human Growth Hormone'' Many of you may be familiar with this term.Why do adults need human growth hormone? [HGH] (Human Growth Hormone) is secreted from the pituitary gland, and thanks to this, our bodies grow larger and reach the physique of an adult.However, it peaks between ages 600 and 65 and begins to decline, dropping to XNUMX% of what it was at age XNUMX at age XNUMX and XNUMX% at age XNUMX.This decrease in secretion is one of the causes of aging.With the progress of anti-aging medicine over the past XNUMX years, increasing the secretion of HGH (human growth hormone) (returning it to the level when we were younger) has a rejuvenating effect on our bodies, that is, Clinical trials have shown that it has the effect of improving physical strength, muscle strength, energy, immunity, reducing skin spots and wrinkles, activating hair, increasing energy, improving memory... Confirmed by.There is another very important function of [HGH] (human growth hormone).It is the most powerful of all the "hormones" produced in our bodies, and promotes the production and secretion of other hormones (estrogen, melatonin, thyroid hormone, etc.) to maintain optimal levels of each hormone. I will work like this.Now, human growth hormone is such a wonderful thing, but is it really effective as an anti-aging treatment?Is there no risk?Human growth hormone is rarely used by endocrinologists in Japan, and I feel that cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons are easily abusing human growth hormone.One of my patients was a XNUMX-year-old man who paid XNUMX million yen for six months for anti-aging treatment at a cosmetic surgery clinic in Tokyo, receiving human growth hormone injections.After I stopped this treatment, I began to feel weak and fatigued in a way I had never experienced before, which interfered with my work.He begged for something to be done, but nothing could be done to improve his condition.This cosmetic surgery practice did not explain any risks and recommended human growth hormone injections to patients, claiming that they would become muscular and capable of sexual activity like young men.The manager of this clinic was a regular on the list of millionaires, and was more of a manager and businessman than a doctor.Profit comes first.He seems to have maintained a policy of treating medical care as a business and not providing patient-centered medical care.Indeed, a few months after starting human growth hormone injections at this clinic, my muscles had clearly strengthened, as if my abdominal muscles were separated.Long-term administration of human growth hormone injections is currently considered to have side effects, such as the possibility of increasing the risk of malignant tumor development and growth, and general malaise after administration.While endocrinologists are also cautious about anti-aging treatments, I have big doubts about anti-aging treatments performed by cosmetic and plastic surgeons who emphasize only the benefits with insufficient knowledge.