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Expensive cosmetic surgery

Occasionally, at my clinic, I see patients who request unimaginably expensive cosmetic surgery and come to the hospital with unsatisfactory results and requesting re-treatment.120 million yen for double eyelids.Not only did it have no effect at all, it just damaged it.In the burial method, the cost of cosmetic surgery is around 10 yen. Clinic A requires patients to pay high treatment costs for any surgery.Advertisements show market prices for surgery.250 million yen for surgery with a nose prosthesis.Your eyes are special, so if you don't have eyelid surgery right away, it's going to be a big problem.A particularly famous doctor who specializes in double eyelids is here today. can be done.If you miss this, you will regret it very much.Forcibly recommend the surgery with various reasons such as, and make a loan for the expensive surgery cost.An act far removed from medical treatment.In the past, this clinic has become a problem due to the failure of anesthesia management for cosmetic surgery surgery, leaving patients in a vegetative state.Attract customers with a flashy advertisement for a clinic affiliated with an entertainment production company and let a doctor who has almost no experience in cosmetic surgery perform the surgery.Counselors, who do not have medical qualifications, drive patients psychologically and lure them into surgery on the same day.As if hypnotized, there are quite a few patients who end up taking out expensive loans and undergoing surgery.Cosmetic surgery should be prepared well and received on a different day from counseling unless there is a serious reason.The intention of the clinic is not to miss a patient during the surgery on the same day.There is no benefit for the patient in same-day surgery.Before undergoing cosmetic surgery, take your time and reconsider whether you really need surgery.It is not too late to undergo non-urgent cosmetic surgery even if you are satisfied with the procedure.