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Trouble with male genital surgery Mystery of plastic surgery clinic.

Penile surgery is performed under the banner of plastic surgery.There, he was put on the operating table and humiliated by a male staff member who called himself a counselor, and was told that in order to make his genitals bigger, he would have to get about 275 collagen injections, and was told that he would have to pay 275 yen for phimosis. There are situations where people who go for surgery are forced to take out a loan of 2 million yen while they are on the operating table.Although this issue has been widely covered by many media outlets, including newspapers and magazines, it has not been improved.This is because, as a patient's psychology, I can't reveal it publicly because it would expose me to shame.In other words, I'm in a state of sleep.At my clinic, a student came to my clinic for a consultation after having undergone phimosis surgery at the U Clinic and was forced to take out a XNUMX million yen loan for the surgery.This happened after my legal advisor asked me to see a student because his client was not feeling well after surgery.He was also asked for his opinion on whether the surgery cost of XNUMX million yen was appropriate.The excess collagen that had been injected left a lump in a part of the penis, and the sutured area was open and partially necrotic.I was surprised at how complicated the surgical technique was.This clinic claims that there is no need to go to the hospital.If you don't need to go to the hospital, it's like being told by a doctor that you don't know what will happen after surgery.There are no benefits to the patient.A sensible doctor should be concerned about the patient's condition after surgery, and post-operative care is also necessary.Dissolvable threads will not be used by cosmetic surgeons who are concerned about cleaning scars.The doctor responsible for the surgery always recommends that you visit the hospital for post-operative care.In the end, the student was hospitalized for two weeks and was not seriously injured, but the surgery cost was not refunded.In addition to phimosis, there is another type of penis surgery called pedicle augmentation surgery (surgery to make it longer and thicker), but since the penis is firmly fixed at the back, the two types of ligaments at the front are cut and the penis is extended forward. It cannot be pulled out.Augmentation surgery is also not recommended as it may cause tissue necrosis and disfigurement.Be careful at clinics specializing in penises that only perform phimosis and long penis enlargement surgeries, as most of the doctors are not sufficiently trained as cosmetic surgeons.There are problems with circumcision surgery whether it is too expensive or too cheap.At a major cosmetic surgery clinic, part-time doctors perform procedures using a crude and easy-to-perform surgical method called the clamp method.The surgery cost is low, but the surgical scar is ugly.Surgery has a fair price.Be suspicious of treatment costs that you cannot accept.