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Vicious infiltration staff aimed at beauty clinics

The beauty clinic receives many applications and inquiries from people who wish to work as staff.Is it becoming a dream job for women?However, some people targeted beauty clinics and tried to become staff members in order to demand unfair payments. K was a woman in her XNUMXs who wanted to work as a receptionist and counselor at a clinic.At the time of the interview, she didn't make much of an impression on me, but since she really wanted to work at a beauty clinic, she was persistently asking for a chance to work, so she decided to attend the orientation. became.Orientation consists of actually explaining the work at the clinic, viewing DVDs, and observing reception work for the number of days and times that the patient desires.Orientation is an opportunity to confirm the job content and clarify whether you can continue working. K persistently asked for more days of orientation and repeatedly expressed his desire to work at the clinic no matter what.At first she thought she was having a hard time and she was motivated to do the job, but she started making horrible comments to the staff during orientation. She began to slander and reveal the internal affairs of a certain beauty clinic where she had worked for about two weeks.Moreover, she started talking about how she was an extremely unscrupulous clinician who had been forced to quit her job due to harassment and bullying.She began to persistently say that the previous clinic was unforgivable, that it was unscrupulous, and that they were doing something outrageous.She started talking about specific management information and patient information, and it became clear that K had no concept of respecting personal information.Of course, such a person would be impossible to hire in a medical institution, which must respect patient privacy and personal information more than any other company.Also, during K's orientation, she really wanted to have a beauty treatment, so she requested the treatment.Of course, it later turned out that K. had no intention of paying for the treatment even though she had to pay for it.After the orientation, when I told K that I couldn't hire him, his attitude suddenly changed and he went home cursing me, saying that he couldn't understand the work because you guys didn't teach him well, and that you guys were terrible staff.A few days later, K sent a threatening letter to the clinic. It was stated that legal action would be taken if the salary was not paid within three days (there was no time card, and there was no agreement on hourly wages, etc., and he was conducting the orientation on the date K had requested). was.There was also a hint of third party intervention.After that, we received a report from the Labor Standards Inspection Office that K had complained that his salary had not been paid, and we had an interview with the person in charge. The person in charge's explanation revealed that K had made an outrageous false report, claiming that she had performed medical procedures even though she was not a nurse.It was also discovered that he reported during orientation that he worked days when he did not come to the clinic at all.He submitted a slander to the Labor Standards Inspection Office for harassment.The person in charge of the Labor Standards Inspection Office was also surprised by K's bad behavior.It turned out that the report was completely fabricated, and he asked that no workplace be victimized by similar tactics in the future.I immediately contacted the director of my previous workplace and was able to hear about the background and circumstances surrounding K's resignation.He was told that he had been fired from the company because of a similar problem in which he swore at the staff. We were deeply concerned about K's unfair behavior, so we conducted a thorough investigation, and new facts came to light one after another.The patient slandered the cosmetic surgery clinic on the grounds that he had previously visited the clinic for counseling as a preview (which he denied when questioned by the staff), and that he underwent surgery at another cosmetic surgery clinic as a monitor and was not satisfied with the results. It has become clear from information from related parties that he was evading his responsibilities as a monitor... He committed illegal acts targeting beauty clinics and was addicted to profit.He immediately informed K by certified mail that he would file criminal charges if he engaged in any inappropriate behavior, and K's harassment stopped.He was preparing to immediately file a criminal complaint with the authorities if further defamatory acts were to occur.It is expected that many clinics other than our three clinics have been affected by K.It was a shocking incident to discover that there were people who infiltrated the clinic through various means such as orientation, staff, and monitors, and used the information to blackmail her and obtain unfair profits.In order to absolutely protect patients' personal information, we believe that it is necessary to have a policy that takes strict action against such individuals.