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~ Causes of cosmetic surgery deaths? Explore the reality. Terrible medical practice hidden in discounted cosmetic surgery

! ! ! Emergency column! ! ! The other day, various media outlets reported on a fatal accident at S Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, a major cosmetic surgery chain.There were two fatal accidents last year, and S Cosmetic Surgery has already had many fatal accidents due to cosmetic surgery.We are a well-known clinic group in the industry that performs discount cosmetic surgery by completely reducing the quality of manualized medical care.They never hire experienced cosmetic surgeons, and they are also famous for not holding any academic study sessions or exchanging opinions.It is also a cosmetic surgery clinic that is famous for performing extremely sloppy surgeries.Of course, there are very few cases in which doctors belonging to this cosmetic surgery group present or participate in academic conferences.This is because it would be a disadvantage to this cosmetic surgery group to never learn or introduce legitimate cosmetic surgery.In other words, his low-cost, low-quality, profit-earning business model has been created in which the company pursues only the benefits for management, not the benefits for patients.Doctors from this cosmetic surgery clinic group who have opened their own cosmetic surgery clinics often operate their cosmetic surgery clinics using similar customer attraction methods and surgical methods.Not only patients who have undergone surgery at S Cosmetic Surgery, but also many patients who have undergone surgery by S Cosmetic Surgery doctors and come to me with extremely unnatural conditions, come to me for correction. A self-proclaimed cosmetic surgery specialist who performs similar cosmetic surgery procedures, recognizing that what he has learned and experienced at S Cosmetic Surgery is the best.It seems that there are some doctors who call themselves charismatic.If you perform liposuction surgery on 2009 people, are all XNUMX people really satisfied? What is the level of your cosmetic surgery experience compared to the current level of cosmetic surgery?Cutting corners to reduce costs poses a huge risk for patients in addition to financial benefits. S Cosmetic Surgery repeatedly advertises with the best technology and advertisements, but doctors with the best technology refuse solid aftercare at extremely low surgery fees and only provide the lowest priced medical materials. We do not perform any cosmetic treatments that we employ.Neither the Japanese Society of Cosmetic Surgery nor the Japan Association of Cosmetic Surgery Physicians has ever evaluated this cosmetic surgery clinic as having the best technology. My cosmetic surgeon friends have also experienced many patients who had major problems at the S Cosmetic Surgery Clinic and had to undergo corrections.A XNUMX-year-old woman died due to liposuction.This is an incident that should be taken seriously. Is it really legitimate to recommend liposuction to someone as old as XNUMX?Is it justified to ignore aftercare?Were the necessary tests such as blood tests and electrocardiograph tests performed before the surgery?Was the surgery performed appropriately under the strict supervision of an experienced doctor? I feel like I'll never get a satisfactory answer from S Cosmetic Surgery. In addition to S Cosmetic Surgery, a major accident occurred in XNUMX at a cosmetic surgery group in the Kanto area that sells discounts.The accident appears to have occurred due to the lack of a cosmetic surgery specialist or instructor, who did flashy advertising to attract customers and performed crude anesthesia.Are there any benefits to discount medical care?Do patients really understand the risks?It is a fact that many of the medical accidents caused by cosmetic surgery have occurred at cosmetic surgery clinics where the quality of medical care has declined due to price competition.There may be a surprising number and content hidden in the actual number of fatal accidents at cosmetic surgery clinics that offer discounted, low-cost cosmetic surgery, including S Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.The future development of cosmetic surgery will require us, cosmetic surgery specialists, to once again carefully assess the quality of medical care and provide reassuring medical care from the patient's perspective, now more than ever.As a cosmetic surgeon, you must have the humility to refrain from performing surgery unless you have the proper skills, knowledge, experience, and the ability to reliably deal with any problems that may arise.I hope that the perception that cosmetic surgery is scary, that it is an outrageous medical practice, and that cosmetic surgery is anti-social medicine will not spread.