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Immediately improves lower back pain and stiff shoulders.I do myofascial release and hydro release using Bikanate.
The moment you peel off the fascia between the trapezius muscle and the supraspinatus muscle, your shoulder pain and stiffness will go away and you will feel warm and warm.
Recently, this procedure has been performed in the field of orthopedics, but in most cases, the procedure is performed using saline, which is very painful, so it seems that there are not many repeat requests.
Because physiological saline has a low pH, pain is often felt when it is administered into a living body.
Bikanate is weakly alkaline and can be performed with almost no pain.
Patients are happy with the dramatic improvement, but it is unfortunate that the effects only last for a few days.
This treatment is worth trying for stiff shoulders and neck pain that do not improve with massage and various physical therapies.
Hydro release and ultrasonic diagnostic equipment identify the fascia and release the fascia, allowing for a reliable anatomical approach.
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