Reading Time: 2 minutes"Moonlight Praise ~The moon shining in the moon ring tomb and the brilliance of the universe~” We co-sponsored the HIROTO RAKUSHO Exhibition. In 1218, when Tsukiwa Daishi built a large temple in the style of the Sung Dynasty, the water flowed out from one corner of the temple, so the name was changed to the "Mizuyakata" in the grounds of Sennyu-ji Temple. As the name suggests, water continues to gush out even today. At Sennyu-ji Temple, people meditate by placing a hanging scroll called the Tsukirin Honzon with a circle representing the full moon drawn on it. This hanging scroll allows you to see the moon ring at eye level when you sit on it. The moon ring view involves seeing the full moon (moon ring) in one's mind and ultimately feeling that the self and the universe are one. In this exhibition, the view of the lunar ring seen by facing Hiroto Rakusho's works of the moon and space will have an impact on your life and give you hope for the future. As a co-sponsorI am Nobu Suetake, a cosmetic surgeon and medical doctor. Science art "Space, Mandala, Humanity" created using cutting-edge technology and the craftsmanship of a cosmetic surgeon., we held a special exhibition called ``Circle of Life'' by KYOTO Leather, which brands Kyoto's traditional crafts using a new canvas called leather.   “Moonlight Praise ~The Moon and the Sparkle of Space Shining in the Moon Ring Mausoleum~”       Co-host: [Space/Mandala/Humanity] Held from November XNUMXth to XNUMXth    Mr. Hirotoraksho expressed the noble beauty of the moon and Nobu Suetake's own work, which centered around the shining stars in the universe, as well as galaxies, nebulae, and planets. He also created mandalas using all the materials created by humanity, the earth, and the universe as art materials. The skeleton that best represents the traces of humanity, the cyborg that represents the evolution of humanity. Everything is connected to the universe at a temple with deep ties to the imperial family, so that humanity can evolve... Thank you to all of you who took time out of your busy schedules to come and see us. We have prepared the perfect stage for you at the time when Kyoto is at its most colorful as the autumn leaves deepen. The elders of Sennyu-ji Temple, the chief priest, everyone involved, and myself. Thank you to Ginza Higankaku and Hot Album Soda Tablet Co., Ltd. for their sponsorship and support. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Kankyo Giken Co., Ltd., KYOTOLeather, Gold Art Kyoto Co., Ltd., and everyone else involved.     Auspicious day in December XNUMX ​ Nobu Suetake (Nobuhiro Suetake)