Reading Time: <1 minuteIt cannot be held if Prime Minister Abe claims that the Olympics are in perfect form. There is a lot of chance that it will be canceled rather than postponed. All the world sports competitions scheduled to be held in April, May, June, and July have been postponed or canceled, 45% of the Olympic representative selections have not yet been decided, and even the holding of qualifying and selection events is unclear.Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, countries are closing their borders and commercial facilities except for daily necessities across the country.Economic exhaustion of Olympic sponsor companies.Preparation plans for the tournament, including volunteer work and rehearsals, are uncertain.Due to the collapse of the world economy and the fear of infection, there is psychological oppression that makes it impossible to play sports.Bankruptcy risk for tourism and accommodation-related companies before the Olympics.Athletes refuse to participate.Possibility of travel restrictions due to reduced transport volume due to airline bankruptcy Possibility of end of new coronavirus infection worldwide by the end of July Risk of collapse of Japanese medical institutions' acceptance system... As a sports person and a medical worker, I would like to emphasize the importance of athletes aiming to participate in the Olympics. As a trainer, as a lecturer who teaches sports risk management at a graduate school, and as a fan who loves the Olympics more than anyone else, having been there to cheer on the Japanese national team athletes for the past four Olympics, I hope that a conclusion will be announced soon.I strongly hope that the event will be held, but considering the feelings of the athletes and the reality, I hope he avoids making decisions that prioritize business.