Reading Time: <1 minuteYesterday, we conducted an MTG review of cosmetics containing the cutting-edge beauty ingredient [cysteamine] with the cosmetics staff of INFIX Co., Ltd., where I serve as a development advisor. Up until now, topical drugs such as hydroquinone and tranexamic acid have been the mainstream for treating spots such as melasma.However, as a cosmetic ingredient, a beauty serum containing [cysteamine], which is gentle on the skin but has an efficacy comparable to that of 24% hydroquinone, is used to treat blemished skin. This cosmetic product can be recommended as one of the best choices for patients. “We compared the symptom relief of an antioxidant serum containing 3% cysteamine and 8% L-ascorbic acid (MELA BRIGHT ® [C+]) with a reference treatment drug (hydroquinone 4%) in 4 patients with melasma. , as assessed by clinical examination over a 2-month period and a preliminary examination 2 months after treatment. Two months after treatment, clinical tests showed that both treatment methods significantly reduced melasma by an average of 18%, indicating similar efficacy. ” Melasma: A serum substitute for hydroquinone: Dr. Aoi Nakano et al. reported on a comparative study of applying cysteamine to half the face. There are only a limited number of cosmetic products that contain active ingredients that can be used by medical institutions. Looks like we can expect it. INFIX is a leader in aesthetic medicine in various fields such as education and product development, and is one of the top cosmetic medical manufacturers in Japan. I have also given lectures at academic conferences, symposiums, and the aesthetic medical community. Aesthetic medical awareness, education, etc. In recent years, the cosmetic medical industry has been plagued by troubles, profits, and treatments without evidence. Cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists with extremely limited experience are worsening the image of cosmetic medicine. Cosmetic dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons need to stay up to date with the latest information and study every day.