Reading Time: <1 minute At the World Relay Championships being held in Poland, the Japanese team finished first in the qualifying round and second overall.The Japanese team showed a strong performance in the finals and won the silver medal.Powerful countries such as the United States and Jamaica did not participate, but they proved that they are at a level that can compete against the rest of the world.In particular, Kaito Kawabata's running was amazing, as he was the fastest lap on the Japanese team in the qualifying rounds and ran fast in both races in the finals, making a major contribution to winning the silver medal. While many athletes are sponsored, Kawabata had no support from corporate sponsors and was forced to make a living and practice in a difficult environment.With the support of Shinji Aoto, the coach of the Chukyo University track and field club, Kawabata blossomed into his talent.He wasn't a top player, he didn't have a professional contract from a company, and his training environment wasn't very good, so he wasn't even invited to the Japan national team's training camp.He successfully won a place in the relay team in the World Relay Selection Race.Mr. Aoto, an Olympian, ran the track and field club with me for many years, and is a master craftsman who trained athlete Kana Ichikawa at Chukyo University.A talented track and field instructor representing the Tokai region was impressed by Kawabata's high potential and asked me to teach him chest training.Kawabata, who has an honest heart and a desire to improve, quickly accepted and absorbed the guidance, put it to use in practice, and immediately produced results.His performance has definitely improved, and there is a possibility in the near future that he will break the Japanese record set by Susumu Takano, who is so amazing that it can be said to be the oldest record that has not been broken in about 30 years.Also, he is expected to be in a position to aim for a medal in the relay as a key player at the Paris Olympics.I would like to support him in any way possible, both medically and financially, so that his talent is not destroyed.I immediately received a message from Poland expressing my joy from Mr. Kawabata.After returning to Japan, he will be honored to be able to provide training guidance to help him win the Japan Championship.Although the Tokyo Olympics are in doubt, the success of athletes gives us courage.