Reading Time: <1 minuteI couldn't advance to the final, but Kaito Kawabata, who will serve as a trainer, was a big success. [Athletics] Men's mile qualifying defeat is also a record in Japan and Thailand!Japan record mark for the first time in 25 years (monthly athletics) – Yahoo! News 8/6 Mile qualifying lap () 200m passing Ito: 45.56s Kawabata: 44.99s (20.25s) Sato: 45.08s (21.12s) Suzuki: 45.13s (20.98s) First Japanese record in 25 years🇯🇵 Kaito Kawabata, threatening 44 seconds.He was the third Japanese person in mile relay history to achieve this feat.Kawabata stopped all static stretching, limited weight training, and focused on lung training for this relay.It was in great shape.He seemed to be very relaxed and able to run. As a young 3-year-old, I believe he will be able to significantly improve his record and break the Japanese 22m record, which has not been broken for over 30 years. No static stretching required.Don't overdo weight training either.Thoracic training, in other words improving respiratory function through lung activity, is more important for athletes than limb function.I'm sure he'll do even better at the Paris Olympics.It's one of the few Japanese records in this tournament, but it's a shame that it hasn't been talked about much.There are so many people competing in track and field, so just winning a prize is actually quite amazing. The XNUMXth relay baton mistake was unfortunate, but I think the media that made such a fuss about the gold medal was to blame.I won the silver medal in Rio, so next time I'll go for a gold medal! !I understand that, but anyone involved should have known that he was not at the level to win the gold medal, considering his world level, his individual best times, his qualifying run and time, and his finish.The media's daily special features and reports about aiming for and expecting a gold medal have weakened the athletes and forced them to overdo it.That's what I think.The players are not responsible for the baton mistake, and I am proud of the four Japanese representatives who bravely attacked without shame and tried to give their best performance!Please come and have your revenge in Paris!