Reading Time: <1 minuteOur clinic specializes in "anti-aging as a medical practice," and provides both external and internal care, from helping patients regain their appearance through petit plastic surgery and Botox to improving physical ability and speedy recovery from injuries. Masu.
【 Job Description 】
◆Please provide reception and counseling.
Reception work
You will be responsible for making reservations and inquiries over the phone, providing information to patients, and manning the cash register.
Counseling work
For first-time patients, please explain the treatment details and prices.In addition, you will be asked to assist the director and take case photos.It's okay if you don't have experience as a counselor!It is important to provide accurate explanations, but it is also important to respond in a way that is sensitive to the patient's feelings.
[Training system]
The staff around you will provide full support so that you can start with confidence even if you have no experience.Please feel free to ask questions about anything you don't understand.Of course, there are no quotas or anything like that.
[Salon environment]
``I want everyone who works to be beautiful and glowing.'' Based on the director's thoughts, he also pays close attention to the beauty of his staff.By looking beautiful yourself, you will be more motivated to work, and above all, your persuasive power to patients will be greatly increased. Once you get used to the job, you will also be asked to deal with VIPs who are regulars.There are many people with high social status, and when you interact with such people, your language and demeanor become more refined, and your back naturally grows.Why not aim to become the person you want to be in an environment that will greatly develop your hospitality and service skills?
■ Holidays
・2 days off per week (rotation system) ・Paid vacation, year-end and New Year holidays, and condolence leave available
■ Treatment
・Transportation expenses paid within regulations (up to 2 yen) ・Complete social insurance ・Salary increase available・Bonus available・Uniform loan available・Employee discount system・Relaxation facility available・Treatment experience available
Entry conditions
★ High school graduate or above ★ Starters with no experience are also welcome!There are no quotas! ★Those who want to learn the latest beauty and anti-aging techniques★Those who want to grow by learning service and hospitality★Those with experience in the service industry such as customer service/sales are welcome★Those who like communication and value teamwork ★Those who have no experience in the industry or have a blank are also welcome! ★Those under 35 years old *Age restrictions have been set to encourage career development through long-term employment.
Monthly salary ¥210,000 - ¥400,000
* Pay up depending on ability
* Reward system available
* Separately paid overtime

●Training period: 3 to 6 months…Hourly wage of 1100 yen or more
Working hours
■9:45-19:00 (1 hour break included)
Work on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays ★No overtime
Job category
Beauty Counselor/Reception/Reception
How to Apply
Please send your resume and work history by mail.
Inquiries about recruitment