Reading Time: 2 minutesThe laser toning system we use at our clinic is WONTECH Technology's PASTELLE PRO.This device will be the world's most advanced and latest Q-switched Nd:YAG laser that has been introduced in Japan.Our hospital was the first in Japan to introduce it and uses it in daily medical treatment.Compared to conventional YAG laser equipment, various irradiation modes have evolved, and a variety of applicators are available, allowing it to be used for many diseases and beauty treatments.The other day, he gave a lecture on the basic principles and theories of lasers and PASTELLE PRO at the beauty community of INFIX Co., Ltd., which is also a domestic import agent.As the world of lasers progresses, new theories and systems are being introduced, and we as clinicians need to study more and more.It is also true that there is a dark side to cosmetic surgery, where nurses are in charge of managing, operating, and even irradiating lasers.Rather than thinking of it as just laser treatment, I want doctors to take pride in their daily medical treatment based on the latest knowledge and experience in order to maximize the effectiveness and satisfaction of patients.