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Yesterday I gave a lecture at INFIX's 4th Aesthetic Medical Community in Tokyo.
“The latest Q-switched N d:YAG laser technology and its applications for next-generation aesthetic medicine. ”
We gave lectures on the principles, characteristics, mechanisms, clinical applications, and cutting-edge PTP mode and Genesis mode of lasers in an easy-to-understand manner for medical professionals.
With XNUMX participants, the venue was almost full.
INFIX has now developed into the second largest manufacturer of aesthetic medical equipment in Japan, and I am honored to serve as their advisory and development advisor.
Corporation Japanese Society of Aesthetic Internal MedicineChairman Akira Aoki served as the chairperson.
On the 29th, I will be joining Dr. Akira Aoki to discuss the guidelines of the Japanese Society of Cosmetic Internal Medicine at the board meeting.
Exosomes and stem cell culture supernatant infusions, which have been attracting attention recently, are also the subject of evidence, issues, and debate.Japan Regenerative Medicine also suggests that administration for cosmetic purposes is problematic.…/c2c4a0fd722aac0ab5d4902d18a1…