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Japanese Society of Aesthetic Internal Medicinewill be established.
I have been asked by Dr. Akira Aoki, the president of the board, to serve as a director, so I will be involved in the business of the Japanese Society of Aesthetic Internal Medicine as a board member, albeit in a small capacity.
The following is Mr. Aoki's comment.
We have established the Japan Society of Aesthetic Internal Medicine, a general incorporated association, as the culmination of our 2000 years of experience in anti-aging internal medicine and aesthetic internal medicine since 23.
Cosmetic medicine in Japan has so far expanded with a focus on external treatments such as cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology, but in recent years it has expanded to include nutritional therapy using supplements, drip/injection therapy, Treatments using more internal medicine methods, such as regenerative medicine, are gaining attention.
However, in this field where there is still little evidence accumulated, pharmaceutical companies are developing formulations with almost no medical evidence, and doctors are using them at their own discretion, with their efficacy and safety uncertain. There is an inherent problem of being left behind.
Substances that should normally be taken orally as nutritional supplements are administered through intravenous drips whose safety has not been guaranteed, or stem cell culture supernatant liquids that are treated as unapproved drugs that have not been approved under the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act. Currently, there are many cases that need to be taken into consideration, such as problems with intravenous treatment using exosome preparations.
The essence of aesthetic medicine is that people who are basically in good health should receive medical care to improve their beauty QOL (quality of life), and if receiving this medical treatment harms their health, That is truly putting the cart before the horse.
Our society clarifies the field of cosmetic internal medicine, which has the role of supplementing and supporting the traditional aesthetic medicine of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology, while also focusing on the field of true medicine based on EBM (evidence based medicine), which is originally valued by internal medicine. The aim is for all members of the society to build effective and safe cosmetic medical care for patients.
In the future, as the president of this society, I will actively engage in academic discussions and do my best to popularize aesthetic medicine in the field of aesthetic medicine.
Dr. Hidekazu Yamada, Chairman of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
Dr. Ryuichi Morishita, Vice President of the Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine
Akira Aoki
Vice Chairman;
Dr. Kinsei Ikeda (Director of Tokyo Dermatology and Plastic Surgery)
Dr. Mana Iwamoto (Grand Pro Clinic Ginza Chairman)
Dr. Ryōzo Saito (Director, Japan Institute of Functional Medicine)
Dr. Nobuhiro Suetake (Director of Sakae Clinic)
Dr. Rieko Tsubouchi (Director of Ginza Skin Clinic)
Dr. Mayumi Nomoto (Director of Mayumi Nomoto Clinic Ginza)
Dr. Yusuke Maeda (Director of Grand Pro Clinic Ginza)
Dr. Yoko Masuda (Riordan Clinic Research Fellow)
Dr. Chiharu Watanabe (Director of Chiharu Dermatology Clinic)
Dr. Kosei Yanagisawa (Chairman of Intravenous Therapy Study Group Masters Club)