Reading Time: <1 minute January XNUMX Arakuma Shrine, famous as a power spot shrine on the Chita Peninsula with a friend's actor Tsubuteura I went to worship at.It was a peaceful and warm day. Recognized as one genius actor in XNUMX years, he was selected as the leading role in the movie at the age of XNUMX after graduating from junior high school, and has since appeared in many Japanese movies.Currently, after several years of agricultural training, yoga training, and language study abroad, I am returning to Japan and taking on many challenges such as Iaido, aiming for further heights.I've been with him for about XNUMX years now, but I'm hoping that he will definitely re-break as one of the fans who has seen and understands the best talent as an actor.I was able to once again feel the harmony with nature, the earth and the gods, and the existence of humankind at the wonderful shrine and power spot with a magnificent view and refreshing spirit.Above the torii gate of Arakuma Shrine, there is a cloud in the shape of a dragon god!I'm sure it's a great sign.We will do our best to become a clinic that will be a power spot for all the patients who visit us. ..We look forward to working with you this year.For cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery, armpit treatment, hyperhidrosis treatment, petite plastic surgery, hokuro removal, scar treatment, wrinkle, and sagging treatment in Nagoya, please contact Sakae Clinic.