Reading Time: <1 minuteThe new coronavirus is spreading around the world.As no effective treatment has been established, anxiety continues to grow.When I have a fever, I get very worried about whether I have a cold, the flu, or the new coronavirus.Taking antipyretics suddenly is not recommended for antiviral effectiveness.The Chinese herbal medicine Maoto is effective for early fever, chills, and joint pain.cold?Could it be influenza?But I can't go to a medical institution right away.There are also over-the-counter medicines, so it may be safe to keep them on hand.If your fever persists, we recommend that you visit a medical institution.Early treatment is especially effective for influenza. Colds: Chinese medicine for different concerns | About Chinese medicine | Tsumura We do not know the effectiveness of masks as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, but disinfecting with alcohol and washing hands are It's definitely valid.