Reading Time: <1 minuteIt's like a rip-off bar. Finally, the government is considering how to crack down on cosmetic medical troubles and unscrupulous cosmetic clinics. There are many patients who come to our clinic for consultation after receiving terrible medical treatments and treatments that seem to be criminal acts. Cosmetic medical business, armpit business, MiraDry business... In advertisements, they use bait advertising to attract patients at low prices and upsell them. This is especially noticeable in armpit treatment. MiraDry, which allows you to receive armpit surgery with insurance, is cheap... In reality, they force you to take out a medical loan by forcing you to go for expensive medical treatment. There is no doctor's examination, and the consultation, explanation, and closing are done by unqualified counselors. Moreover, MiraDry is not performed by a doctor at all, and all treatments are done by nurses. The director of the clinic that performs MiraDry has never had any experience with armpit surgery or treatment. This situation has been allowed to continue unchecked. The medical procedure of nurses administering MiraDry is not proper, and it is unlikely that effectiveness or safety can be guaranteed when administered by nurses. Treatment should always be performed by a specialist. This is the dark side of cosmetic medicine, where common sense does not apply. Prices are also far from what is advertised. In reality, cosmetic clinics that are worse than rip-off bars attract customers with advertising and become victims every day. This is a tactic that takes advantage of people's complexes that make it difficult to make complaints. If you have been a victim, we will provide consultation, including medical treatment. Please feel free to contact us.