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Sexually transmitted disease test kit Difference from sexually transmitted disease test at medical institutions

Recently, a sexually transmitted disease test kit called supervised by a medical institution is being promoted online.It seems that there is almost no difference between the sexually transmitted disease test kit and the results of the medical institution test in terms of the accuracy of the test results because the test can be performed in the same way as the test method at the medical institution.However, the sexually transmitted disease test at a medical institution where a sexually transmitted disease specialist actually conducts interviews and inspections to make a comprehensive diagnosis is not a simple test, so it may be false negative or false positive depending on the collection method and latency period. It is unlikely that the patient will be able to obtain more accurate information and diagnostic results than if they were doing it themselves using a test kit.To use the venereal disease test kit, collect the sample yourself and then mail it to the vendor.After the sample from the subject arrives
The sexually transmitted disease test kit is sold by the manufacturer.
1. Outsourced to a registered hygiene laboratory 2. Inspection at our own inspection station "2. Inspection at our own inspection station"The venereal disease test kit is advantageous as a venereal disease test because the outsourcing cost is suppressed.There is almost no difference in accuracy. At the first visit, even if a complete diagnosis cannot be made, a specialist will diagnose the possibility of a sexually transmitted disease based on interviews, inspections, symptoms and course. Of course, the accuracy of the venereal disease test kit may be false negative or false positive due to the incubation period, so the reliability is lower than the test result of the clinic, and if only a limited test is enough, the test will be done. It is also possible to overlook potential sexually transmitted diseases that have not been carried out.Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV, etc. are likely to be complicated, and the test results should be judged carefully and with specialized knowledge, depending on the incubation period.There are also sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, chlamydia, and HIV antibody positivity that cause almost no symptoms and the condition progresses, so it is risky for an amateur to make a judgment with only one test.The test of the venereal disease test kit is not a diagnosis but a guideline, and even if the test result is negative, it cannot be judged to be absolutely safe.In addition, since you are not accustomed to reading the procedure manual and collecting samples yourself, there is a risk of inadequacies, and unlike sexually transmitted disease tests collected by specialists at medical institutions, troubles are likely to occur.Many vendors advertise sexually transmitted diseases on the Internet, but we cannot completely guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the kit, and unless the medical institution outsources the tests, the sexually transmitted disease test results themselves. Sometimes the reliability of is unreliable.

Be careful with venereal disease test kits

It is extremely dangerous to make a self-judgment of a venereal disease with only one test, and in the case of a false negative, if the venereal disease is actually infected, the venereal disease may progress or infect others. It will be an irreversible situation.

Is the test result negative even if you are infected with a venereal disease? !!

The possibility of infecting others by ignoring the results of venereal disease tests is a major problem.Even with treatment, the start time is greatly delayed, and it is not possible to receive accurate advice from a specialist immediately regarding precautions in daily life.It can be considered as a screening test, but if the final result is treatment at a medical institution, a retest is necessary.・ Insufficient collection ・ Reliability of inspection?・ Incubation period of sexually transmitted diseases ・ Possibility of other diseases (in case of multiple infections) These points cannot be cleared due to the major problems of the test kit.If the sexually transmitted disease test kits that you can easily do by yourself become widespread in hype, you may miss the important treatment time or misdiagnosis, which may lead to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases that are unaware, and we are very concerned.

Is the venereal disease test kit cost wasted?

Not being able to start treatment on the same day as the test despite having symptoms is a great disadvantage for the patient, and even if the patient waits for the test result and receives treatment, the test result will be positive for sexual infection. If you go to a medical institution, most medical institutions will perform the same test at the first visit, so the cost of the test with the sexually transmitted disease test kit will be wasted.The accuracy of the test results by the venereal disease test kit can often be considered to be almost the same as the venereal disease test at a medical institution as long as the sample can be collected reliably, but it is necessary for the patient such as the course, treatment and progress of the medical condition. I can't get enough medical information.It is publicized on the net. Sexually transmitted disease specialists do not have national qualifications related to medical care, and there are cases where people who do not have sufficient medical knowledge are consulted, and there is a possibility of violating the Medical Practitioners Act. Yes, it can delay the correct diagnosis.

For venereal disease tests, medical examinations such as interviews and inspections by specialists are absolutely necessary.

For accurate diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases Sexually transmitted disease test kitWe recommend that you receive medical examination, examination, and treatment by a specialist at a medical institution specializing in sexually transmitted diseases.