Reading Time: <1 minute Shocking news has been reported. Death caused by stem cell culture supernatant. Although details have not been reported, it appears that multiple people were killed in the accident.Is exosomes the cause?There is also information that it is sepsis, but the truth is still unknown.If it was sepsis, it would be a major case that would lead to suspicion of serious professional negligence resulting in death on the part of the medical institution.In the past, many media outlets (Chunichi Shimbun and various TV stations) reported on health problems and deaths due to sepsis in patients who were given pre-made and unsanitary IV drips at a medical institution in Mie Prefecture. .There seems to be no TV or newspaper coverage yet.From my perspective as a risk management professor at Juntendo University School of Medicine, I believe that this incident was caused by problems with the management system and negligence on the part of doctors and staff at medical institutions who lacked awareness that this was a reagent and not a treatment for which there is evidence. Masu.Even if there was no problem with the stem cell culture supernatant liquid or exosome reagent itself, this incident gave an extremely negative impression of the administration treatment using stem cell culture supernatant liquid or exosome reagent.There seems to be some criticism from exosome researchers.The hype at some cosmetic surgery clinics and the gray regenerative medicine business run by cosmetic surgeons and investors who prioritize profit.I hope that the public eye will not cast a negative light on stem cell culture supernatant and exosome therapy, which originally have great potential.