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There have been many health problems caused by supplements in the past.

However, accidents of this scale and resulting in fatalities involving domestic products are rare.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical's announcements and reports on the damage situation were delayed, and the damage spread.

Healthy foods are safe!

Many people believe this and take it every day.

However, clinical trials have not been conducted and safety is only confirmed by each manufacturer, and there is no rigorous clinical data like for drugs.

In addition to the necessary ingredients, supplements also contain many unnecessary ingredients such as preservatives, lubricants, colorants, thickeners, base materials, etc.

Even if the main ingredient is safe, it does not mean that the other ingredients are safe.

I am in charge of a lecture on Alternative Medicine and Ethics at Juntendo University School of Medicine Graduate School of Hospital Management, where I explain the risks of supplements and how to approach them.

This time, there was a big problem with the risk management of a huge company like Kobayashi Pharmaceutical.

Reporting is also a problem due to delays.

This company is attracting attention by releasing extremely innovative products. Although there are many wonderful products, there is one called [Kizdry] that has been criticized as a product that abuses children.

Disinfectants are sold. Disinfecting wounds was a medical practice in the Showa era. Currently, in principle, wounds are washed with tap water and the wound is not disinfected directly.

In current medicine, a moist environment is common knowledge for wound healing. Drying out not only delays healing but also increases the risk of infection.

This is a problematic product that uses the image of drying old wounds.

Is it because of the corporate culture that the company continues to sell this product even though many doctors have complained about it? I am concerned that this product may be delaying the healing of many children's wounds.

I pray that the causative agent and mechanism of this incident, which caused major health damage, will be identified as soon as possible, and that this will be helpful in the treatment of the patients affected.