Reading Time: <1 minuteRecently, clinics that sell cheap prices such as insurance-eligible MiraDry for armpit surgery at 90,000 yen have become more prominent on the Internet. From the patient's perspective, it is undoubtedly a very good thing to be able to receive treatment at a low price. However, the result is... First of all, medical institutions that attract customers by advertising that they will perform surgery with insurance do not perform surgery with insurance, and patients are led to self-paid optical treatment. In this day and age of medical advances, any specialist who treats armpit odor will know how nonsensical it is to treat armpit odor in an outpatient setting with insurance. There is little benefit to outpatient armpit odor surgery, such as downtime and the need for long periods of immobilization, the risk of hematomas and skin necrosis, poor effectiveness, and recurrence, and I can say with certainty that it is a treatment that is absolutely not recommended. It is no longer Showa or Heisei, but Reiwa. Is outpatient armpit odor surgery with insurance as a treatment in the Reiwa era? If there are any doctors who think that it is a really good option, please contact me directly. MiraDry This treatment is also currently performed by nurses at most medical institutions. Are there really patients who want to be treated by nurses? Just buy the equipment and leave everything to the nurses. Examinations and counseling are done by counselors, and treatment is done by nurses, not doctors. It is no longer medical care. MiraDry has become a business-first armpit odor business. Safety and effectiveness are ignored and it is no longer patient-centered medical care. If there are any doctors or nurses who think that the MiraDry treatment I use and the nurse treatment are legitimate as medical procedures and medical ethics, please contact me directly at We will also organize a live discussion session with you in person. MiraDry has a lot of downtime and pain. Is it such a careless treatment that a nurse can do it on the side? There is a constant stream of patients who come to our clinic to ask for retreatment after receiving MiraDry with no effect at all. [Please be careful of MiraDry treatments performed by nurses]