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Considering that children's armpits have stronger regenerative ability than adults and that the number of sweat glands that cause odor increases during the growth period, we recommend treatment after junior high school if the person does not care too much. To do.Especially in the case of girls, there are cases where the odor suddenly appears from the XNUMXth grade of elementary school and it is worrisome, and if the child himself is troubled, treatment is performed even from the XNUMXth grade of elementary school.The treatment for body odor in children is a treatment that suppresses pain as much as possible and finishes in a short time. You need to be careful.Unfortunately, the only treatment option that meets all of these conditions and allows children to be treated safely is the EL method, that is, the electrolysis method.MiraDry and View Hot treatments are very painful. First of all, in children, severe postoperative pain causes great mental damage.Also, although it is effective for adults, it is not effective for children, and it is necessary to continue treatment while enduring pain many times.With surgery, MiraDry, and View Hot, the amount of anesthesia increases and it cannot be said that treatment is reliable and safe. The EL method can be treated in a short time, and it can be sufficiently treated with an anesthesia amount of XNUMX/XNUMX to XNUMX/XNUMX compared to MiraDry, Viewhot, and various surgeries.This is an extremely safe method.