Reading Time: <1 minuteI am a clinician of aesthetic medicine, but I have been engaged in research on the vagus nerve (the human operating system) and sports medicine at Juntendo University School of Medicine for many years. My doctoral thesis in graduate school was about the autonomic nervous system and sports medicine using top athletes as subjects. The third author was Daichi Suzuki, a gold medalist in swimming at the Seoul Barcelona Olympics and former director-general of the Japan Sports Agency. He is currently involved in cutting-edge sports medicine and vagus nerve research at Juntendo University while also lecturing to graduate students. The title of this lecture is [Alternative medicine and ethics] Recently, the red koji issue and the exosome therapy issue have been attracting attention, and I gave a lecture on the ethics of these alternative medicines on July 7rd. Even if you are a private practitioner, it is important to constantly study and research the latest medical treatments, papers, and information every day. The issue of aesthetic medicine has been attracting a lot of attention recently, but I would like young doctors to have the heart to contribute to society with a true medical approach rather than profit.