Reading Time: <1 minute Recently, there has been an increase in media coverage regarding breathing techniques.My book was previously published.This will be co-authored with Professor Hiroyuki Kobayashi of Juntendo University School of Medicine.There are many books on breathing techniques, but unfortunately they do not seem to capture the essence of the techniques.Breathing method = Heart rate variability biofeedback training It is a method to improve autonomic nervous function.Until now, very few books have been published that explain why breathing techniques are good for health from an autonomic nervous approach.This is probably the first book in Japan in which we, as researchers of the autonomic nervous system, add a medical approach.Breathing techniques are also featured as his main theme in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.You can understand the mechanism and true meaning in this book.If you are looking for cosmetic surgery in Nagoya, cosmetic surgery, armpit ga treatment, hyperhidrosis treatment, small plastic surgery, mole removal, scar treatment, wrinkle and sagging treatment, please contact He Hasakae Clinic.