Reading Time: <1 minuteOn the site ``Famous Doctor's Choice'', ``Sakae Clinic, a famous doctor for wrinkles and sagging skin, has over 30 years of experience in cosmetic surgery. We guarantee you a satisfactory treatment with guaranteed results.''(>Click the underline for details)It was introduced under the title.
Cosmetic surgeons are the ultimate artists in improving wrinkles and sagging skin, changing the color of the skin, and restoring the shape.In terms of rejuvenation, it is possible to look about 10 years younger. We talked about what we can do, HYF, regenerative medicine, etc.I quote the last chapter. ____You seem to be sincerely thinking about your patients.Finally, please tell us what you value when dealing with patients.
Mr. Nobuhiro Suetake It is always about producing results. I am confident because I have been involved in cosmetic surgery for over 30 years.I have the skills and experience to be able to tell you what will happen if you do this treatment, and I also train daily.To begin with, I only offer items on the menu that I am confident in offering.I am determined to only perform treatments that will give my patients 100% satisfaction.That's why I can say clearly that we will always produce results.