Reading Time: <1 minuteRecently, a person named Mumi posted an insulting review of our clinic. I would like everyone to take a look at it. Looking at the content and writing of the post, I don't think that the person is an unusual person, but if it is a factual complaint, we will take it seriously, but we cannot tolerate slanderous or insulting statements. Many medical institutions have been victimized by insulting and defamatory reviews. Even if a medical institution is unilaterally insulted by a post, the medical institution has no choice but to respond with a response. Since the post is anonymous, even false things can be posted as if they were fact. Recently, a class action lawsuit was filed by a medical institution that was victimized by such insulting reviews, which became a hot topic. This person has also posted aggressive reviews of other medical institutions, but you can understand his personality in every part of the text. In addition, we recognize that the method of praising competitors is posting reviews with the aim of attacking some medical institutions. I was also surprised by the post, which seemed to be a threat, such as ``I have a recording, so change your attitude.'' Will you post it on SNS? Is it a religion that gives suspicious books? Our hospital does not recommend religion, and we never give suspicious books to patients. (Our hospital has no affiliation with any particular religion.) We cannot tolerate such false posts that defame our hospital. Our hospital will never give in to people like Mumi who post insulting and defamatory reviews. Of course, we will continue to strive to treat all patients with care and satisfaction. At our hospital, all staff members work to ensure that patients are satisfied with our medical services and hospitality. If you have any complaints, concerns, or worries, please let us know on the spot or by email. However, we would appreciate it if you could let us know. We will respond as soon as possible and sincerely. We will definitely provide treatment that satisfies our patients. Thank you very much for your cooperation.