Reading Time: <1 minuteThere have been many cases in which patients who come to our hospital have been diagnosed by someone other than a doctor and recommended surgery, resulting in harm. There are many cases where a counselor who is not a doctor and who does not seem to have medical qualifications will examine, diagnose, and remove the mole for her at a high cost, and if she performs the same-day surgery, they will give her a special discount and force her to perform the surgery on the same day. There are complaints from patients. No one other than a doctor can diagnose it. In addition, benign tumors such as senile warts that almost do not require removal at all and can be easily removed using carbon dioxide laser or electrolysis. Excision is not an option. The problem is that counselors, who are not doctors, examine patients, make diagnoses, and recommend surgery. This is a fraudulent method in which all benign tumors that do not need to be removed undergo resection and demand a high treatment fee. This is a criminal act carried out in the name of medical care. This is an unacceptable act that gives a very bad image to aesthetic medicine. Many cosmetic surgeons know that this cosmetic surgery clinic is a problematic and unscrupulous cosmetic surgery clinic that uses flashy TV commercials and listing advertisements. I hope that patients will be well-informed and have the courage to refuse treatment if someone other than their doctor recommends treatment.