Reading Time: <1 minute Most people do not seem to know where to go for consultation regarding wounds and scars.Surgery?Orthopedic surgery?Plastic surgery?Cosmetic Surgery?Cosmetic dermatology?Dermatology?Unfortunately, there are no medical institutions in Japan that specialize in wounds and scars.Especially for mothers with young children, scars are something they are more concerned about than their children's studies.A small child is prone to accidents and injuries that can quickly cause scarring and scarring.I think some people feel that their children's scars are the responsibility of their parents.There was also a consultation about scars yesterday.There are scars that cannot be repaired even with current medical technology.In addition to surgical treatment, we have used fractional laser and growth factor introduction to treat scars, and we have had good results, but many people know that the most important thing is to properly heal the scar with initial treatment. I would appreciate it if you could give it to me.   I have briefly summarized them in this column.I'm sure it will be helpful to coaches and trainers of athletes, mothers of children, and people working in educational settings.   As shown in the photo, there are cases where the wound is stapled at different levels and gauze is applied, causing the gauze to get into the wound.Gauze, disinfection, staples...absolutely no.