Reading Time: <1 minuteYesterday, a patient who was suffering from ugly scars after undergoing cosmetic surgery called philtrum shortening came to our hospital. Since last year, the number of consultations for patients suffering from ugly scars after surgery due to philtrum shortening has increased rapidly.Philtrum shortening seems to be a recent surgical trend. No matter how carefully the philtrum shortening surgery is performedScars are definitely left, and there are many cases that are quite noticeable.It is estimated that there are a considerable number of patients who are suffering from this surgery without fully understanding the explanation of the scar.I think it's an operation that shouldn't be done because it's more likely to suffer from scars than philtrum shortening. As for the treatment of scars of philtrum shortening, we treat it by fractional laser irradiation using thulium called Rabian and skin regeneration therapy by introducing growth factors. This treatment, which has far less downtime and less pain than traditional fractional lasers, is the treatment of choice.At our hospital, there are quite a lot of cases of scar treatment by philtrum shortening, and it will definitely improve, so please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns.We recommend safe and reliable skin regeneration therapy with almost no downtime without using a scalpel.       For cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery, armpit treatment, hyperhidrosis treatment, petite plastic surgery, hokuro removal, scar treatment, wrinkle, and sagging treatment in Nagoya, please contact Sakae Clinic.