Reading Time: <1 minuteDouble eyelid surgery is one of the surgeries that a cosmetic surgeon first receives practical guidance on.The procedure is considered to be simple and easy to perform, so it is often performed first by novice cosmetic surgeons.Because the burial method is easy... Because the burial method is finished quickly... Because the burial method is risk-free...However, in reality, even though it is a burial method, XNUMX: At what point should it be fixed? XNUMX: Should I scoop the mucosal surface or thread the tarsal plate? XNUMX: What is the thickness and material of the thread? XNUMX: What is the thickness and material of the needle? XNUMX: Should you make an incision at the ligation site? XNUMX: Where is the ligation site? XNUMX: How strong is the thread to tie? XNUMX: What is the amount and content of anesthesia? XNUMX: What is the thickness of the anesthesia needle? XNUMX: What are the treatment before and after surgery? XNUMX: Should I use eye drops anesthesia before surgery?...and so on, all things need to be taken into consideration.Although a scalpel is not used, it is a surgical procedure and requires thorough sterilization and preoperative disinfection.Even after anesthesia is removed, injecting xylocaine as is is very painful, so it is necessary to adjust the pH by adding an alkaline drug called Meiron to reduce the pain during injection.Double eyelid surgery is a surgical procedure that requires skill and experience to be able to perform everything properly and make individual corrections to suit any eye condition. The basic idea is no different from surgery, which is considered to be highly difficult.Even though it is simple, the current situation is that cosmetic surgeons with little experience are performing the procedure sloppily, boasting about the number of cases they have done.Double eyelid surgery Burial method If you are an experienced cosmetic surgeon who performs the surgery carefully, you will not say that it is easy.Recently, double eyelid surgery for men has been increasing.If you would like double eyelid surgery that is guaranteed to have permanent results, please contact our hospital.   If you are looking for cosmetic surgery, cosmetic surgery, armpit pain treatment, hyperhidrosis treatment, double eyelid surgery, petit plastic surgery, mole removal, scar treatment, wrinkle and sagging treatment in Nagoya, please contact Sakae Clinic.