Reading Time: <1 minuteWhen consulting for treatment of armpit bloating and hyperhidrosis, there are many patients who are concerned about the smell of the areola area.
Areola armpit (chichiga)
Most patients have armpit odor, but because the area where the odor is emitted is small, it often doesn't bother others or themselves.In reality, the absolute number of treatments is small, and the ratio of patients who receive treatment for armpit pain is less than one-tenth.However, there are many patients who suddenly become concerned about odor due to complaints from their partners or hormonal imbalances and come to our clinic for consultation.In the past, treatment methods for the odor in this area, called chichiga, chichiwakiga, and areola armpitgae, were surgically difficult and rarely practiced, but now there are non-invasive treatments such as miraDry, Beauhot, BOTOX injection, and EL method. The main treatment method is a method that does not use a scalpel.However, the EL method is the only treatment that can be expected to have a permanent effect and can be treated without any downtime.Most of the odor in the areola comes from the skin pores at the edge of the areola, rather than the nipple or areola.This is because the apocrine sweat glands are located in line with the pores, so the downy hair area is also the point where odor is generated.Substances secreted by apocrine sweat glands are broken down by bacteria that live on the skin, resulting in armpit odor.Only the EL method, which can treat this area by selectively suppressing damage to the skin, is the best treatment that can be expected to have a reliable effect and leave no scars.The treatment time is about XNUMX minutes per side, and there is no post-operative pain.It is a safe treatment that allows you to take a bath on the day of the treatment, and there are no restrictions on your daily life.