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Creating the world's most cutting-edge next-generation art
Department of Systems Engineering, Faculty of Systems Engineering, Wakayama University
We will create this in collaboration with Professor Toshiyuki Amano. This is the only groundbreaking technology in the world that uses spatial augmented reality technology to make a statement in art.
Japanese traditional crafts✖️As a cutting-edge engineering technology, Professor Hiro Rakusho created a collaborative work with Professor Toshiyuki Amano, which shocked the art world.
[Live Art Mapping] is the world's only technology developed by Professor Toshiyuki Amano, which breathes life into artwork by freely changing its color, texture, and three-dimensionality using laser mapping.
Yesterday, we visited the clinic and saw the creation of art works using cutting-edge lasers, and we officially named this world's only cutting-edge technology MTG, the next generation of art creation. We will continue to work hard to ensure that our work receives worldwide recognition as next-generation art.
A cosmetic surgeon and a doctor of engineering use technology to create next-generation art.
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