Reading Time: 2 minutesYesterday, I was elected to the Tokyo Olympics Athletics High Jump Japan National Team Takashi EtoCame to the hospital for reporting, final adjustments, and lung activity training guidance. Improve performance with lung training.Japan Championship XNUMXm Champion Ikuto KawabataSimilarly, the movement of the rib cage becomes smoother and performance is the clinic LHG hydrogen inhalation system I did the final conditioning. The LHG hydrogen inhaler is a reliable hydrogen inhaler that is used by many top athletes, including Tokyo Olympic XNUMXm representative Koike and XNUMXm representative Iizuka.Sakae Clinic has been using it for several years and is using it as a care and conditioning tool for many of Japan's top athletes.Our research clearly shows that it can be expected to improve autonomic nervous function more than antioxidants, making it an indispensable device for improving athlete performance. The finest massage oil for recovery from fatigue.PS International Co., Ltd.Paul Shelley Massage Oil will heal the athlete's body. A carbonated spring bath with lukewarm water is medically recommended for improving autonomic function, especially parasympathetic function.HOTTAB is an epoch-making bath salt that allows you to take a carbonated spring bath at home. I also take a carbonated spring bath every day at HOTTAB Bath.Anyway, I get a deep sleep and don't feel tired.It is a bath additive that is highly praised by many athletes, and they put it in the bathtub together with Paul Shelley's bath oil.Just like sleeping, bathing is also an important way to take care of your body. Just today, tomorrow's ISKA Muaythai World S Lightweight Title Match  Will face as a retirement match Shunsuke Oishi visited LHG hydrogen inhalation and dehydration treatment as post-weighing conditioning. After inhaling hydrogen, you can feel completely tired. Paul Shelley Massage Oil (Spa Aromatic Relaxing Oil) for conditioning and care Is the best. Achievements Many top athletes and business people who are highly evaluated as Japan's number one are instructedIgarashi Kenbun TrainerHe had come to learn about Eto's guidance and lung training, so I took a commemorative photo with these two top athletes who have been competing against the world on behalf of Japan for many years before their retirement matches.Last match I look forward to the best drama!