Reading Time: <1 minuteWe receive many inquiries about re-treatment from patients who have received miraDry treatment but found it to be ineffective or have had a recurrence. Currently, more than half of the patients who come to our hospital for the first time who wish to receive treatment for underarm pain are patients who have undergone MiraDry treatment. Many patients complain of strong anesthesia pain and severe swelling and pain after surgery. It is highly unlikely that you will experience severe pain from anesthesia before armpit treatment. The anesthesia uses a local anesthetic called xylocaine. The chemical name is lidocaine hydrochloride and the pH is acidic. In fact, the pain during anesthesia is more painful than the pain from needle injection, and is caused by the infiltration of the acidic liquid xylocaine. At our hospital, we do our best to prevent pain so that our patients experience almost no pain. 1: Mix in an alkaline drug called Meiron to adjust the pH. 2: Dilute 2% xylocaine to 0.17%. 3: Inject with a thin needle. 4: Slowly inject the anesthetic. The pain can be significantly reduced by steps 1-4. Even elementary school students can safely undergo anesthesia. Cosmetic surgery treatment is self-funded and unlike insurance treatment, it requires medical skills and hospitality to eliminate pain and the patient's fear and anxiety as much as possible. We will provide treatment in a safe environment with the skills of not only the doctors but also the staff. Patients who experience severe pain from the anesthesia before miraDry treatment can undergo the treatment with peace of mind.