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Body odor treatment suction method

What is the suction method?

Suction method is a suction method surgery, which is a surgical method developed by a procedure to remove and remove sweat glands that cause body odor by suction operation with a suction tube.

As a treatment for armpits, suction surgery was performed at cosmetic surgery clinics more than XNUMX years ago.

Suction method From the day of surgery, it is possible to date, there is no pain, scars do not remain, it is easy, etc. As a treatment method for armpits that can be easily received without downtime, a catch phrase by a certain cosmetic surgery clinic has been used in the past with a large advertising strategy. It is a treatment for armpits that has been carried out for a certain period of time.

At that time, surgery was performed by using a thin suction tube for liposuction, incising the skin of the armpit for several millimeters, and rubbing the subcutaneous tissue from the back side of the skin without peeling the skin as in the conventional armpit surgery method. Was carried out.

It was postoperative care that gauze fixation was not necessary because the armpit skin was not peeled off, but in reality, there were not a few complications such as postoperative bleeding and speciation.It is less effective than various conventional surgical methods because it is an operation that only scrapes out the subcutaneous tissue containing the sweat glands that cause the odor with a suction tube, and even if the odor and sweat are slightly reduced for several months, it is almost the same. It was an incomplete surgical procedure that returned to.For this reason, many complaints were made by patients who underwent suction surgery, and its effectiveness was denied. Currently, few medical institutions carry out suction surgery as a treatment for body odor.

Comparison of suction surgery and MiraDry

Unlike MiraDry, which is a non-invasive treatment method, suction surgery is inferior in effectiveness despite being performed by a doctor, and it cannot be said that it is actually an easy treatment method for body odor.

Unlike MiraDry, damage to the epidermis was characterized by almost no pain as long as it did not cause speciation.

Aspiration method for treating children's body odor

Treatment of body odor in children is more difficult than in adults.Aspiration is not the treatment of choice for children.Children have a high ability to regenerate tissues, and if sweat glands are not removed and destroyed more firmly than adults, there is an extremely high possibility of recurrence, and suction methods cannot be used to completely cure them.

Is the suction method possible at any part?

There was a case where it was also performed on Susowakiga, but treatment on the areola and anus is not indicated because treatment is not possible with the I line.

Suction surgery flow

XNUMX: Design of treatment range

XNUMX: Disinfection

XNUMX: Local anesthesia with xylocaine

XNUMX: Small skin incision

XNUMX: Insertion of suction tube, removal of subcutaneous tissue including sweat glands from the back side of the skin

XNUMX: Suture of the incision

XNUMX: Compression fixation Some medical institutions perform simple treatments such as applying gauze to the affected area to prevent skin peeling.


Most patients do not need to fix and remove the affected area after surgery, and most patients visit only the suture wound.Or, depending on the case, it is not necessary to remove the thread by using a meltable thread.

Completed with just one outpatient surgery There were many cosmetic surgery clinics that were attracting customers by complaining about.The pain was less because the skin was not exfoliated, but there were cases where bleeding at the exfoliated site and speciation occurred after surgery because the fixation was not performed firmly.Since the range of treatment is small compared to other surgical methods, there is almost no risk of leaving ugly widespread scars or scar contractures.

Suction method market price

Although it is a suction surgery that is rarely performed nowadays,At that time, the market price was about XNUMX to XNUMX yen for surgery.

Concept of suction method surgery at Sakae Clinic

In our hospital, the suction method is

XNUMX: No effect can be expected

XNUMX: There is a considerable risk of postoperative blood speciation

XNUMX: As another treatment method for body odor, a highly satisfying EL method that ensures a permanent effect with less downtime. Can be provided to patients

The suction method is not used for the reason.

Who recommends the suction method?

Nowadays, there are more choices of treatments, and if you want a permanent effect, it is meaningless, so no one recommends it.

Features of suction method

It is a naming and surgical method developed for the purpose of attracting customers in the PR of a major cosmetic surgery clinic group during the heyday of surgery, and it is a half-finished treatment method that is not effective and most of them recur.It has no clinical significance.

Precautions for suction method

It is not a treatment for body odor that you should receive.It can be said that the operation of sucking the subcutaneous tissue including the sweat glands does not completely cure the hircismus and hyperhidrosis, and it is not only meaningless but also has a great negative effect as it leaves the skin wound.The late Dr. Masumi Inaba also enthusiastically stated that the suction method is a fraudulent operation as a treatment for body odor and that it can be asserted that it is not a treatment method that should be performed from an academic and ethical point of view. I remember.