Reading Time: <1 minuteUnderarm surgery is, of course, performed by a doctor.However, recently there has been a lot of trouble caused by nurses treating armpit bugs.He uses miraDry, Beauhot, etc. as treatments for armpits other than surgery.Recently, treatments using ultrasound, such as HIFU, have become popular.The common feature of these treatments is that they all use equipment, and he uses a method in which a special probe is pressed against the affected area and irradiated.Therefore, the procedure is simple and can be treated by a nurse.However, nurses did not study medicine.Even if you study nursing, you are not an expert in dermatology, wound healing, or aesthetic medicine.Both nurses and doctors simply press a probe against the skin and irradiate it, so they are not the same.First of all, since there are individual differences, it is necessary to set detailed parameters such as output, irradiation time, range, etc. according to the condition of each individual patient, such as skin condition and treatment area. Not only do they not occur, but extremely serious skin injuries, burns, and nerve damage actually occur as medical accidents.So, why do nurses treat armpit bugs?The reason is assumed to be as follows. XNUMX: The procedure takes a long time and it is not worth it considering the doctor's fee. XNUMX: The doctor performs the surgery, but due to the reservation situation, only nurses are available. XNUMX: The procedure is a simple treatment that can be done by a nurse as it is a business operation. XNUMX. If you think about how to reduce treatment costs due to price competition, you won't be able to run a business if nurses don't perform the treatments XNUMX. Doctors don't know anything about armpit pain, so nurses There are not only risks but also legal issues associated with the treatment.Since it is a medical practice, even if it is under the supervision of a doctor, it cannot be said that there is no problem under the Medical Practitioners Act for a nurse to treat armpits.Ethically, it is absolutely unacceptable for her to have a nurse treat her armpits.We have been advising manufacturers regarding this issue for many years, but they have ignored us, and what we feared happened.This is not an armpit treatment, but a nurse used high frequency treatment for wrinkles and sagging (according to reports it was laser treatment) without the supervision of a doctor, which caused severe burns on the neck, which took six months to fully recover. A cosmetic medical problem occurred during a medical diagnosis, and a certain clinic was searched for an injury due to work-related negligence.The report included her real name and even the name of the cosmetic medical equipment. It is unusual for a police investigation to involve a medical institution in cases other than fatal accidents.This incident is just the tip of the iceberg, and the reality is that many troubles occur due to nurse treatments.Our hospital receives many inquiries after problems with nursing treatments.It is very unfortunate, but a business system is being established in the beauty medical industry where nurses perform treatments by lowering the unit price and attracting customers through PR.In order to avoid compromising the quality of aesthetic medicine, perhaps it is time to reconsider the gray area aesthetic medical practices performed by nurses.