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Wakiga Surgery What is Hair Resection?

There is an insurance-listed surgical procedure called hair resection, which removes the hairy skin of the armpit.Reducing the number of apocrine sweat glands in the armpit can be expected to suppress the armpit odor, but since the skin is lost by excision, not only ugly scars remain but also the contracture of the suture wound becomes stronger and the elevation of the upper limbs is restricted. There are big risks and disadvantages that can occur. Surgical costs are covered by insurance, so you can keep your own costs low...This hairy skin resection was a treatment for axillary odor that was performed in the early Showa period.It is a simple idea that is carried out in a surgical hospital and the skin where the odor comes out is cut and removed.Although the odor is reduced, the skin with normal function is excised, so naturally the defective part shrinks and a biological reaction occurs to heal the scar, causing a phenomenon called contracture.This is a method that not only causes so-called twitching and increases downtime, but also limits daily life and even risks dysfunction.I have experienced several cases since I became a cosmetologist.In each case, the patient was an elderly person who had been treated for axillary odor a long time ago, but he asked me to heal the torn area. Indications for axillary odor surgery with insurance The indications for axillary odor surgery under insurance are as follows. "If the fact that the stench is so bad that it hinders the employment of others is clear and it is necessary to provide medical care objectively, it may be provided.Mild ones are not covered. Therefore, it does not matter whether the patient is "worried" or not, and unless the patient is in a state of being severely annoyed, the surgery is not originally covered by insurance. 6870 Flap method 3000 points 1660 Skin hair resection XNUMX points XNUMX Others XNUMX points XNUMX point is XNUMX yen If the initial examination fee, drug cost, surgical material cost, etc. are added to the above, XNUMX% will be surgery It will be an expense. The operation time is about 60 minutes, but there is no need to be hospitalized and one-day surgery is it is a simple excision, no special surgical technique or technique is required.


Hairy skin resection is a treatment in the Showa period and is not a treatment that should be done in Reiwa.It is an extremely outdated treatment that simply removes the odorous skin tissue, ignoring postoperative scars and dysfunction.Skin resection can leave large scars and can limit the range of motion of the skin, such as scar contracture.It is a procedure and treatment that should never be performed in the present age of advanced medicine.I wonder why such anachronistic treatments are listed in the insurance medical treatment.It can be said that it is a treatment that no one is doing now.

Is there an adaptation?

Even if it is listed in the insurance, there should be few medical institutions in Japan that actually do it.Never take it.We recommend the EL method, which is the treatment method for Reiwa of armpits. It is an excellent treatment for hircismus and hyperhidrosis that can be expected to have a permanent effect with little downtime.