Reading Time: <1 minuteAs the weather gradually gets warmer, we are receiving more and more inquiries about armpit gas and hyperhidrosis. At our hospital, he uses the EL method, which is the least risky, painless and reliable method to treat armpit irritation and hyperhidrosis. As the director, I have performed over 1,500 cases of underarm bloating and hyperhidrosis in my 35 years of experience in cosmetic surgery. I think we are among the top in Japan in terms of the number of cases. Recently, non-surgical, non-invasive treatments such as MiraDry and BeauHot have become popular, but their effectiveness and reality are unclear. At our hospital, we use the EL method, which is technically extremely difficult, but we have already received his MiraDry and ViewHot treatments because they are overwhelmingly more effective, have fewer risks, and require less downtime than his MiraDry and ViewHot treatments. More than half of first-time patients undergo re-treatment because they are not satisfied with the results. People come from all over the country to receive treatment. The re-treatment of miraDry treatment is particularly noticeable.It is completely different from the flashy advertising, and the disadvantages of miraDry treatment are noticeable. Best of all, unlike the EL method, where there is no pain at all after the treatment, miraDry causes strong pain that often lasts for a long time after the treatment, and it also causes severe swelling as it causes skin burns. In most cases, MiraDry treatment is performed by nurses, and I have to say that it is inferior in all aspects compared to his EL method, which is performed by a specialist. Gray zone treatment is carried out as a medical treatment in which a doctor who has never performed surgery for armpit bloating or hyperhidrosis installs only her MiraDry device at the director's medical institution and a nurse performs the treatment according to her manual. There is a current situation where this is the case. Nurses have little knowledge of armpit hyperhidrosis, nor do they have anatomical knowledge or the ability to care for or respond to thermal invasion of the skin. Only a doctor can perform treatment. Are the treatments provided by nurses really effective? Can we really say that the treatment provided by nurses is without risk? Unlike hair removal, treating armpits and hyperhidrosis requires advanced knowledge and experience. I can assure you that nurses cannot treat underarm bloating and hyperhidrosis at a solid medical level. If you are a doctor at a medical institution where a nurse administers MiraDry and have any objections to my claims, I would appreciate it if you could contact our hospital directly. I believe that it is the role of cosmetic surgeons to help make medical care more transparent, as the gray areas of cosmetic medicine are being highlighted and issues are being reported in the media. I believe that nurse treatment should be avoided at all costs. The doctor who first examined and explained the treatment should take responsibility for treating armpit bloating and hyperhidrosis by guaranteeing its safety and effectiveness. As the director of our hospital, I am responsible for all explanations, examinations, and treatments, so please feel free to consult with me.