Reading Time: <1 minuteThe topical medication for underarm odor has an odor-reducing effect, as it contains ingredients that suppress the bacteria called acne bacteria, which breaks down the substances that cause odor. It is a wonderful topical medication that is sure to be effective and has no side effects, and we prescribe it to many patients at our clinic. Topical medicines are ideal when you want to suppress odor before puberty or before undergoing surgical treatment, miraDry, EL method, etc. If a young child becomes concerned about the odor, other treatments are difficult to choose, so topical medications are often suggested. On the other hand, even in adults, if the symptoms are not severe, it is possible to control the odor with topical medications.

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I don't have the budget for surgery or other treatments. He was reluctant to undergo the procedure and wanted to get rid of the odor as soon as there was no downtime or pain. I want easy treatment. the smell is not that strong

Benefits of topical medications

・No downtime ・No scars ・No aftereffects or complications ・Easy and quick ・Can be done by yourself at any time ・Low cost

Disadvantages of topical medications

- Complete recovery is not possible - If you stop using the product, the odor will return immediately - It will take some time for the odor to go away after using the product

Topical medicine FAQ

Are there any side effects from topical medications?

Basically, there is no need to worry about side effects even if you use it for a long time. This is a formulation that has an extremely low possibility of causing contact dermatitis due to the cream base material.

How long does it take to see the effects after using it externally?

You will notice results as soon as 24 hours later, but generally you will feel results within 2-3 days.

How often do you use topical medications?

Generally, it is recommended to apply twice a day.

Can I use it at any age? Is it okay for children?

Since there are almost no reported side effects, it can be used by everyone, from pregnant women and children to the elderly.

Can it be used after EL method, MiraDry or surgery?

Since this is a topical antibiotic, it can be used immediately after surgery.

Can it be used immediately after a MiraDry or BeauHot treatment?

It is ready to use for any treatment.

Do you experience any itching or pain when using it externally?

It does not cause itching or pain when applied, except in cases of special contact dermatitis.

How much does it cost?

It costs about 3,000-5,000 yen for one month. In some cases, insurance may cover skin conditions such as folliculitis. Medical expenses are eligible for deduction. Cheap and effective topical medications are also worth trying. Please feel free to contact us.