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Inaba surgical method

A landlord representing Japan in the treatment of body odor,Using the Inaba-type armpit remover developed by the late Dr. Masumi Inaba, the skin was peeled off with a surgical scissors called a long sweat gland from an incision of less than XNUMX cm, and then the Inaba-type remover was inserted subcutaneously into the skin. A surgical method to remove the Ecklin sweat glands, apocrine sweat glands, and sebaceous glands by pressing the upper side of the skin with the blade of a sword with a roller from the back side and sliding the blade applied to the back side..
When I was training as a cosmetic surgeon more than XNUMX years ago, I visited Dr. Masumi Inaba's Inaba Cosmetic Surgery in Asagaya, Suginami-ku, Tokyo many times. rice field.And he is one of the few doctors who received direct guidance on Inaba surgery.
At that time, I remember as yesterday that I was guided to my laboratory about hair growth theory, the mechanism of body odor, etc., and Professor Masumi Inaba and the best radical treatment method for body odor and hyperhidrosis.As it is now, armpit surgery and other treatments are not widespread, and Inaba surgery was famous as the only treatment that could be completely cured.Inaba Cosmetic Surgery attracted patients suffering from hircismus and hyperhidrosis from all over the country, but nowadays, the length of downtime and risks are due to the long downtime and the scars remaining after surgery. Due to the problem of scars and the lack of guidance, the number of doctors performing the procedure has dropped sharply.
At certain medical institutionsRoller clamp methodA similar modification of the surgical method is being implemented under the name.

Disadvantages of Inaba surgery

It is a method of exfoliating the armpit skin extensively and inserting an Inaba type remover to remove the sweat glands from the back side of the skin as much as possible, but it requires a long-term strong fixation of about XNUMX weeks called double tie-over, so originally If so, there are restrictions on daily life and physical restrictions due to downtime that requires long-term hospitalization.
No matter how small the skin incision is, the area of ​​peeling is wide and bleeding is likely to occur, and there is a risk of extensive skin necrosis when speciation occurs.
It is difficult to fix it firmly, and if you do not fix it firmly to the surgical site of the armpit with gauze etc., the shape of the peeled skin will be deformed into an accordion-like folded bellows shape, or a cyst will be formed after the operation, or it will become scarred. increase.
There were not many doctors who could perform Inaba-style surgery well because of the high skill of craftsmanship.
Currently, compared to Ladry, which is the mainstream treatment method that does not use a scalpel for the treatment of hircismus and hyperhidrosis, the current situation is that it is not widespread even if the effect can be expected to be completely cured due to advanced technology and downtime. ..

Inaba surgical procedure flow

XNUMX: Marking of the peeled area on the skin

XNUMX: Local anesthesia

XNUMX: Incision to the insertion site of the Inaba-type deleter

XNUMX: Skin exfoliation in the therapeutic range

XNUMX: Inaba-type remover inserted, sweat gland tissue removed from the back of the skin

XNUMX: Hemostasis

XNUMX: Make a small drain incision on the skin

XNUMX: Double tie-over fixing of peeled part

Inaba surgical method downtime

The incision is as small as XNUMX cm or less, but the peeling range of the skin is wide and strong fixation is required, and it is necessary to keep rest until the peeled skin engrafts with the mother bed.A minimum of XNUMX-XNUMX weeks of rest and fixation is required.
The arm must be raised and maintained at a right angle while it is fixed.
Downtime is a long remedy.
Fixed removal is XNUMX to XNUMX weeks later.It takes at least half a year for the scar to be inconspicuous as a skin color because the skin from which the tissue is scraped from the back side turns brown and pigmentation often occurs.

Treatment costs for Inaba surgery

The specific market price is currently unknown because there are few facilities that actually perform the Inaba ceremony.
In the case of a similar method, it will be around XNUMX yen.

Indication of Inaba surgical method

Those who do not mind scars, can tolerate long-term rest and downtime, and want to aim for radical cure with one treatment.

Significance of Inaba surgical method

The purpose is to complete one operation aiming for complete cure by implementing extensive treatment.
The downtime is long, and there are many complications such as skin necrosis due to blood type formation, postoperative skin scar contracture, epidermoid cyst, and folliculitis.
The incision is small and unobtrusive, but the exfoliated skin often causes pigmentation and scarring, which makes the skin at the surgical site discolored or bumpy.

Risks of Inaba Surgery

・ The possibility of pigmentation and shape changes of exfoliated skin
・ May be accompanied by postoperative pain due to firm fixation
・ If not rested, blood speciation will occur and widespread skin necrosis will occur.
・ There is a possibility that a state of cyst formation and accumulation of liquid secretions called seroma will appear after surgery.
・ The peeled skin may shrink and form an ugly shape called scar contracture.

The future of Inaba surgery

* Before treatment with the EL method, I had been performing reduction surgery for Inaba surgery for many years.
The skin is peeled off only in a narrow area in the center, no complications occur after surgery, fixation is released in XNUMX days, and a method with less downtime and less pain for postoperative patients is devised. I have had an operation.
You will prioritize either taking effect or making scars less noticeable.Ideally, surgery should be effective and scars should be inconspicuous, but this is contradictory to surgery for hircismus and hyperhidrosis.
 In search of a new treatment method, we have developed the EL method, which is a treatment method that does not leave scars, can be expected to be completely cured, has no downtime, has no complications, and does not cause postoperative pain.
Currently, Inaba surgery is completely canceled and EL method is used as the main treatment for hircismus and hyperhidrosis. With more than XNUMX years of experience as a cosmetologist, EL is the best treatment for patients, including shearing, Inaba surgery, and many surgeries. ..
In recent years, a beauty surgeon who has never performed a case of armpit / hyperhidrosis surgery purchases only treatment equipment and entrusts all the treatment to a nurse, and treats armpit / hyperhidrosis extensively using advertising media. There are many medical institutions that carry out PR. Unless a specialist who has experienced all types of surgery and treatment is in charge of direct treatment, the results will not be satisfactory for the patient.We recommend a medical institution where a specialist with abundant treatment experience directly implements body odor and hyperhidrosis.There are few patients who are satisfied with the treatment of hircismus and hyperhidrosis by the nurse's treatment, and troubles occur frequently.We believe that the treatment of hircismus and hyperhidrosis, which is a medical practice, should be performed by a skilled specialist, not a nurse.