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Burns for XNUMX months after laser treatment ... Victims file criminal accusation with doctors Medical equipment is not approved in Japan

However, I was worried about some mistakes and the focus of the problem, so I explained it with accurate expressions.It is unusual for a beauty clinic to be reported as a home investigation or criminal case other than a fatal accident.As for aesthetic medicine risk management, it is thought that the problem has expanded beyond medical troubles because there were problems in following patients and dealing with patients when aesthetic medicine troubles occurred.First of all, this aesthetic medicine troubleLaser treatmentso···scaldThere is a title, but in the document it is not due to high frequency and laserhigh frequencyIt turns out that it is a medical accident of beauty treatment by. Lasers and high frequencies are completely different. Lasers are single-wavelength light High frequencies are electrical energy, a type of energy that is completely different from light and electricity.Lasers are the main area of ​​cosmetological treatment for approaches to the epidermis or superficial dermis, such as removing blemishes and tattoos.However, high frequency is mainly used for the treatment of wrinkles and tarmi instead of the epidermis, and it is a treatment targeted under the dermis.I'm confusing laser with high frequency.Next, because it is an unapproved device, the name of the medical manufacturer Jis ●● company is also reflected in the news video, and a picture that seems to be a pamphlet of the device ULTRA Cell? That is supposed to be used was also copied.This can make this vendor seem like a problem.If this company sells this device by proclaiming a nurse's treatment, the responsibility of the company may be questioned, but it is not possible to make such a recommendation in common sense. Hmm.Originally, it is unthinkable to sell a medical device that allows nurses to treat medical practices that doctors must perform.Of course, unapproved equipment cannot be sold domestically by any vendor.In reality, the flow of purchasing unapproved cosmetological medical devices is that the doctor imports the individual at his / her own risk and the trader acts as the individual import agent.In this case, of course, you cannot lease, so all payments will be made in cash.Is it a problem because I used unapproved equipment in this report?I am afraid that the viewer will have the image.In today's world of cosmetology, the use of unapproved equipment is predominant when performing cosmetology treatments, and many cosmetology services must be stopped if unapproved equipment = illegal. It is.It is okay to use unapproved medical devices in the doctor's responsibilities.Doctors at this medical institution should have had no problem installing this device.By the way, the problem in this case is that the nurse is performing the procedure.It is a medical practice that is used infinitely black and is expressed as gray.It seems that the doctor first instructed the output etc., but is the nurse an assembly line?Or you should have been proceeding with the treatment according to some manual.There was a scar on the net immediately after the operation of this patient, so I saw it, but it was a XNUMX-XNUMX degree burn.There was a severe burn site that seemed to be part of the skin necrosis.Unlike abrasions and cuts, burns take a long time to heal and are prone to scarring and scar contraction.It is assumed that the postoperative pain was also quite severe.The doctor should check the patient's condition during the procedure rather than the skill of the nurse.Of course, even after surgery.When skin damage due to burns is found after surgery, intensive treatment for burns (in my case, PRP therapy, skin regeneration therapy and hydrocolloid dressing with cytokines, cooling, suppression of inflammation, etc. are thoroughly performed every day. Think about care.) Should have been needed.It is assumed that if the medical diagnosis and treatment at that time were explained in detail to the patient and apologized, as much beauty and regenerative medicine as possible could not only promote the healing of the scar but also reduce the burden on the patient's heart. increase.According to the media, it is a criminal accusation against a medical institution, so you can see that he was angry with distrust not only as a result of medical trouble but also as a response of the medical institution.Nurse Treatment I think this treatment is black rather than gray, which means it is legally a problem.Ethically it is absolutely NG.It seems that the patient chose the nurse treatment because it is cheap, but it is doubtful that the nurse will perform the treatment and treatment that the doctor should originally do because the treatment cost will be cheaper.I'm not a legal expert, but I've been doing cosmetology clinically for over XNUMX years as a cosmetologist, but I'm always worried that it's more problematic and terrifying than a nurse's procedure on behalf of a doctor. I was there.There is a connection Even for aesthetic medicine manufacturers, there are many problems with nurse treatment in the past, and ethically and legally, nurse treatment should never be performed, so as a manufacturer that absolutely handles aesthetic medicine equipment I requested that it should not be used in sales talks. In reality, there are cosmetologists who are willing to convince and do not recommend nurse treatment, and there are cosmetologists who are repulsed and let the nurse do what is wrong. I don't think this incident caused any major problems such as ridiculous virtue or illegality of this medical institution.Aesthetic medicine troubles like this one are just a few.There are many consultations with me about more tragic troubles due to the nurse's treatment.I think the expression such as the tip of the iceberg is appropriate.In this case, I would like to ask for support and business in which the aesthetic medicine company will also correct the collar firmly and the doctor, not the nurse, will be responsible for operating the aesthetic medicine equipment and directly performing the aesthetic medicine treatment. increase.It does not protect the doctors and nurses in this clinic, but the lessons learned from this case should be careful in aesthetic medicine rather than hitting the doctors and nurses in charge. I think that is important.The purpose of aesthetic medicine is to make women happy.