Reading Time: <1 minuteToday is Christmas, December XNUMXth, and prayers are offered all over the world.How are you all doing?I am also doing medical treatment today.For me, December XNUMXth is a special day for him, and it will be a day that I will pray for the rest of my life and soak in precious memories. Twenty years ago, on December XNUMX, XNUMX, my mother, who was visually impaired and blind, and my only immediate family, passed away to heaven.She passed away after suffering from organ cancer for half a year.By the time she was discovered, she was already terminally ill and there was nothing that could be done about her.She lost her eyesight at the age of XNUMX due to a misdiagnosis by her doctor, and at the age of XNUMX, she lost her mother's life to pancreatic cancer, a very terminal illness that even her doctor can't do anything about. did.She was a humble and quiet mother who never spoke ill of anyone, but once she got mad at her for being slow and yelled at her. [I didn't want to, but I said I'm sorry that she couldn't see and couldn't move.] She apologized to me... It was the first time she saw her mother cry so much.That was the moment she realized how stupid she was.As someone who made her mother apologize and made her feel sad, she still deeply regrets the fact that she behaved in the worst possible way.It's the biggest regret of her life.Being considerate of other people's feelings may seem easy for her, but she can't always do it.Although I was thinking about retiring from her soon, I would like to continue providing medical care that takes into account the feelings of my patients. I vividly remember my mother's departure XNUMX years ago.I would like to spend this day feeling the spirit of her mother.May happiness come to you too! Merry Xsmas❕